Reading instructions can be boring and, sometimes, hard to understand or picture in your head.
Even more difficult when you are trying to learn how to use a device or product designed for intimate use - like those we sell on Pelvic Floor Exercise. Asking questions about these types of products isn't always easy and not necessarily something you may feel comfortable doing over coffee with a friend (although we hope one day these topics won't be so taboo).

To make this easier we have a section of our website dedicated to Instructional and Educational videos.
You can learn how to use various products and get to see what they look like as our physiotherapist, Fiona, demonstrates them for you, all in the comfort and privacy of your own home.
They can also be helpful if your health professional has advised you to use a product, and even shown you how to use it in the clinic, but once home you feel you need a reminder.

Each product page has a link to its own video as well, but here in the video section you will find them all together to scroll through at your leisure.

For health professionals, they can be a great resource to let your patients know about so they can refer to them once at home and using a device.

So -  a short and sweet blog with the aim of directing you to the Video section of the website. Scroll through to see which ones may be of relevance or interest to you .


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