When is a leak not a leak? When it is a leek!


The short answer is never but you would be forgiven for thinking that little leaks or "LBL 's" are not really leaks, going by the media and advertising reports we have been bombarded with of late.
There have been some very high profile campaigns excusing you from worrying about those embarrassing little leaks and freeing you up to just wear a pad and forget it.

Well you may be able to do that....at first. But that annoying little leak will soon become a gush or a whole bladder full.

You will start to go just in case in order to keep your bladder empty - so it can't leak and let you down - and this will lead to a smaller bladder capacity
(can't hold as much), frequency and urgency which can lead to further leaks and a whole big mess.

So then you might be scared to go out, stop going to the gym or be the one at the back of the class so you can run out unnoticed to go to the loo halfway through the star jumps and all of

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