1. Get to know your women's health physio...A few moments with Marika Hart

    Get to know your women's health physio...A few moments with Marika Hart

    What is your current position?

    I am a musculoskeletal physiotherapist and pilates instructor. I run 2 businesses (yes, I must be crazy!).
    Dynamic Strength Physiotherapist is my business here in Perth, teaching pregnancy and postnatal pilates and education.
    Herasphere is my online business, providing great information in the form of blogs and interviews related to health and wellness in pregnancy and beyond. We have very recently launched our Pregnancy Club, which is an online program of education and exercise for women who are pregnant!  I think this is fabulous for those who cannot attend classes in person due to location, shift work, small children to look after etc!

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  2. Getting to the core of things

    Getting to the core of things

    There is a lot of research evidence describing the co-contraction of your CORE MUSCLES pelvic floor (PF) and transversus abdominus (TrA) in unison with your diaphragm (D) and Multifidii (MF). If you think of an apple – the CORE is in the middle,the deepest part – your CORE muscles are your deepest layer of muscles and are designed to gently work in the background.
    Your brain is effectively pre-programmed for this to happen automatically, without you having to think about it. A split second before your ‘moving’ muscles twitch and contract,your brain sends a message to the CORE to tighten – like doing up the stays on a corset, thus stabilising and supporting your spine, pelvis and pelvic organs whilst your ‘moving’ muscles do their job of moving you. When everything is working in harmony, the system works well.

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