pelvic floor dysfunction

  1. How is YOUR Toilet Technique?

    How is your toilet technique?

    Easy right ? You sit on the loo and …. well, just go don’t you ? NO !

    Many pelvic floor problems are either caused, or made worse by, poor toilet posture and poor pushing. In fact, let’s leave the word pushing out of it altogether as it makes you want to strain and think that pushing or bearing down is the normal “way to go “.

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  2. Pelvic Floor and Exercise : Haemorrhoids from the Gym ?

    Pelvic Floor and Exercise : Haemorrhoids from the Gym ?
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  3. Pelvic Floor and Breast Cancer

    Pelvic Floor and Breast Cancer

    When first faced with a diagnosis of breast cancer the uppermost thought is treatment, not consequences.

    Initial treatment and ongoing management are the most important considerations but what happens once you are through these stages?

    Your hair is growing back, you are regaining confidence and vitality, you have adapted to whichever choice you have made for replacing your breast…..and you are now feeling more like resuming your intimate relationships but here can be where some of the consequences of treatment for breast cancer are experienced.

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