Uterine Prolapse


Uterine prolapse occurs when the uterus slides down the vagina. It can be felt as the cervix sitting lower than it should in the vagina. 
Many women develop mild prolapse (particularly after pregnancy) and are unaware that they have it, this is termed non-symptomatic and it may never bother you. Some women can have a mild prolapse and feel very symptomatic.

Prolapses (uterus, bladder, bowel)  are generally given grades or stages based on how far the organ has moved down or into the vagina from its original position.
There are, however, different opinions as to whether we should use these terms as they are slightly arbitary and what is 'normal' has yet to be properly established. As mentioned, some women can have a prolapse and be unaware of it, others are very aware. For many, these differences in awareness can fluctuate throughout the day as well, depending on what you have been doing. A 'grade 2' prolapse

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