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  1. Bladder Urgency and Frequency

    Bladder urgency running to the toilet

    Before reading on if you want to know what bladder urgency and frequency is, have a look at the page about urgency and frequency in our resource section. Bladder urgency happens because, for many reasons, your bladder contracts when it shouldn't. The only time it should contract is when you give it permission to when you are on the loo or squatting behind a bush.

    Bladder urgency can rule your life but it doesn't need to. Here is how I explain it to my patients and a few strategies to help calm the bladder, once urgency has been diagnosed. However please ensure you have had a full medical check and been properly diagnosed prior to attempting any bladder training as there are some medical causes of frequency and urgency that need to be treated medically. 

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  2. How Blue is Your Loo?

    How Blue is Your Loo?

    No I am not asking if your loo is sad.
    I am asking if you use blue loo or similar to make your loo look and smell fresh?
    None of us like toilet smells and many of us use blue loo in the cistern or hang someting similar on the edge of the toilet bowl to keep things fresh.

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