Aquaflex Pelvic Floor Exercise System are our bestselling vaginal weights or cones. They were voted the most effective pelvic floor exerciser on an episode of Embarrassing Bodies in 2010.


The Aquaflex Pelvic Floor Exercise System consists of two vaginal cones much like a plastic tampon- one larger than the other- and 4 weights.

Each cone unscrews into two halves and inside each cone is a small post for the weights to thread onto. The combination of cone size and weight range means that the system is very flexible and can cater for the needs of women with a range of pelvic floor weakness. Each cone has a cord attached to it for easy removal from the vagina.


The cone is inserted like a tampon, using a small amount of lubricant if needed. Don't use too much otherwise the cone may become too slippery to retain within the vagina.

  • As a general rule, if you have had a vaginal birth, or have trouble keeping a tampon in then start with the larger cone, empty. 
  • If you have had no children or only delivered via caesarean you may find you can start with the smaller cone
  • Either way, you can try each cone and start with the one which you find slightly more difficult to hold in . If it is easy to hold in then it is time to progress, either to the smaller cone or to adding weights .
  • Whichever cone you start with, once it is easy with the empty cone, try adding the weights, starting with the smallest and building up as you progress. To do this - unscrew the cone , place the weight on the plastic post within the cone , then screw the two halves together again and insert as before.
  • The idea is to be using the more comfortable size with the most weight that you can hold in.
  • The flexibility of the system allows you to progress through to holding 55g in the smaller cone.
  • Vaginal weights are marketed as a way of strengthening the pelvic floor muscles “without the need for exercising” because once inserted the muscles should  automatically contract to hold the cone in place .
  • However, from a clinical point of view they are best used in two ways:
  1. by inserting and trying to actively lift and squeeze them in the vagina, lower and relax and repeat. This more closely reflects the job that your pelvic floor muscles actually do.
  2. by wearing them for up to 20 minutes a day whilst either standing still (initially as you may find it hard to walk at first whilst holding the cone in) and then progressing  your program by doing some activities like hanging out the washing , or emptying the dishwasher, with them inserted. The feedback from the cone will help you feel when you need to contract your pelvic floor muscles – or it will fall out!
  • Don’t just leave them in for a few hours as this can fatigue the muscles too much, or may cause you to grip unnecessarily hard causing overactivity of the muscles.


 Aquaflex vaginal weights are suitable if you:

  • are looking for a way to remember to do your pelvic exercises if you may not otherwise do them
  • want a way of progressing the strength of your pelvic floor muscles: taking your pelvic floor to the gym.
  • are looking for feedback as to how well you are doing your exercises – if you have the correct action you will be able to hold them in. 
  • want to improve the endurance if your pelvoc floor muscles
  • want feedback on how and when to contract your muscles eg with cough, lift, and inceases in abdominal pressure 

Women vary as to what size device they find easiest to hold within the vagina and product choice will depend on this. See here for checking best size for you.


Like everything, products that suit some won’t suit others. Aquaflex won’t be your choice if :

  • You have a significant prolapse as you won’t be able to position the cones correctly, they will tend to sit up behind the prolapse or be pushed out .Try Smartballs Teneo Uno if this is the case.
  • You are pregnant or in the early postnatal or post-operative stages ( check with your doctor as to when you can use them)
  • You have any vaginal infection
  • Some women  find the size of the cone a little bit too small initially to retain with in the vagina. To check if they will fit sizewise – try inserting two clean, lubricated fingers into your vagina as if inserting a tampon. If you can feel the vaginal walls against your fingers then Aquaflex should be a good fit for you. If not, and you can easily spread your fingers apart,and if you have trouble holding a super tampon in, you may be better starting with a product from our vaginal ball range. Lunabeads or Smartballs may be a more effective choice.


 Aquaflex Add-On Weights  are now available for use with the Aquaflex larger cone. We manufacture these add-on weights ourselves. They allow greater progression of your program with weights up to 95g.

The Aquaflex Pelvic Floor Exercise System is included on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods, and GST exempt as a device for the treatment of incontinence.

For physiotherapy instructions on how to use your Aquaflex Pelvic Floor Exercise System written by Pelvic Floor Exercise's physiotherapist Fiona download here

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