What is your current position?

Owner my own practice Sue Croft Physiotherapist

What led you into women's health physio?

I was doing a locum at QE2 Hospital for 4 hours per week about 24 years ago and the Women’s Health specialist (Margie Carroll) left and I was asked if I would like to take on the role. I had had my children and had an interest in Women’s Health, as I had taken ante-natal classes for many years at the Mater, so I said yes! I started by doing the Basic Pelvic Floor Course and Ano-rectal course with Ruth Sapsford and Sue Markwell... the beginning of my love affair with pelvic floor dysfunction. (Sadly it was the beginning of my own realisation as to the extent of my own dysfunction.)

What do you enjoy the most about it?

The simplicity of effective education leading to life-changing improvements for women.

Do you have a specific area of interest within women's health?

I do love everything about it but I suppose in more recent years I am really enjoying the dramatic effect that good chronic pain management education can have on young women with sexual dysfunction.

Describe an average 'day at the office'

I start seeing patients every morning at 7.30 am and draw breath again at 3.30 each day (without a morning tea or a lunch break- you’d wonder why I’m not skinnier?). I then draw a line under the day and head off for my 45-60 minutes at the gym, diligently partaking in my pelvic floor safe exercising : wonderful for de-stressing and I do feel fitter at 58 than I did at 40... even if I am fatter! I then come home, ring my patients for the next day to get to know them before they arrive (I do assessment questions over the phone), cook some dinner and then take up my position on the lounge where I proceed to write/blog/Facebook/Tweet/ research all things pelvic floor until bedtime (which can sometimes be ridiculously late depending on how many dog videos Fiona Rogers makes me look at)  (Fiona Rogers responds here : nice try Sue!)

Name an area of research you would like to see done in women's/men's/pelvic floor health? ( not necessarily that you would do but would like to see done or you find of interest)

I would like to research the effectiveness of my book ‘Pelvic Floor Recovery: Physiotherapy for Gynaecological Repair Surgery at improving the outcome of women’s repair surgery. The rates of failure of gynae repair surgery can be as high as 30% and many times this is due to the things women do themselves following their operation : poor exercising, minding grandchildren, over-exuberance in the garden, causing excessive downward forces and failure of their operation simply because of a lack of knowledge and understanding. (I would supply the books if someone wants to do it)

What is one thing you would like to say to someone who is considering taking that step and making an appointment with their local women's or mens's health physiotherapist?

It will be potentially one of the most life-changing actions you will take. The physiotherapist working in this area will be compassionate, nurturing and enthusiastic and will help you develop skills that will make a significant difference to your quality of life.


Cats or Dogs? Fiona..... Cats of course

Beach or Bush? Beach, beach, beach

Coffee or Tea? Decaf coffee (for 23 years)

Full cream or skim? Skinny of course- so I can have the piece of chocolate

Fruit or veg? Both

Home cooked or Restaurant? Home cooked- I love cooking and use it as a way to procrastinate when tackling difficult tasks such as writing articles.

Camping or 5 star? Used to be camping but have progressed on since maturing to ‘luvin 5 star’!

Thank you for your time Sue, lovely to get to know you better ....although having been your roomie at the last CFA Conference I feel I know you pretty well so it is my pleasure to introduce you to our readers. Links to Sue's really informative blog, website, and social media accounts are below so drop by and say hello to her.

name and qualifications Sue Croft Bachelor Physiotherapy University of Qld 1978

practice website www.suecroftphysiotherapist.com.au

book website www.pelvicfloorrecovery.com

http://suecroftphysiotherapistblog.wordpress.com/ is where I have written now over 150 blogs on pelvic floor dysfunction (with the odd smattering of Italy blogs plus a few other favourite things)

I love Facebook   Pelvic Floor Recovery and Twitter - follow me on @scroftpf
Social media is the best way to educate- my friends, my children and their friends will have the BEST pelvic floors, bladders and bowels in their old age. No nappies in nursing homes for them!