What is your current position/s?

Private practice ,small business owner/physiotherapist working mainly with women’s pelvic health.
Physiotherapist working at a private practice obstetric centre once/week, also teaching prenatal pilates


What led you into women's health physio?

Teaching pregnancy and post-natal pilates years ago highlighted the lack of evidence and information regarding women’s health issues. Once I took an introductory course in women’s pelvic floor health, the immense highway of possibilities to explore in this area opened up and I needed to learn it all (and am still learning!). Now men’s health is calling me, in particular the lack of discussion regarding men’s pelvic health issues and the possibilities physiotherapy may provide.


What do you enjoy the most about it?

I love that every person is individual and different. Each person has their own unique background story and presents with varying challenges to their daily life. Work is never boring and I am so happy to be a part of someone’s solution when they thought all hope was lost!


Do you have a specific area of specialty or interest within women's/men's health?

The complexities of chronic pelvic pain, or just pain in general, have always intrigued me.
Pre and post-natal health have also been a favourite of mine, in particular safe and functional fitness for this population.


Describe an average 'day at the office'

There is a great coffee and raw food shop right outside our clinic so I usually pop in there first !
I work alongside a great group of musculoskeletal physios and have great conversations regarding how interconnected the pelvis and it’s organs are to all of our patients. There always seems to be some cringe-worthy topics I bring up and then I am left to discuss it on my own (or I email/tweet/Facebook a member of the #pelvicmafia)
In between patients, reading research and textbooks or sharing/learning from social media #pelvicmafia peeps – yes, I am a big nerd!
Seeing patients and working on their paperwork, doctor letters, etc.
Figuring out how I can change the world, one pelvis at a time !


Name an area of research you would like to see done in women's/men's/pelvic floor health? ( not necessarily that you would do but would like to see done or you find of interest)

More info in pain science and practical application relating specifically to women and men with pelvic pain issues.
More data on intra-pelvic pressures in daily life and exercise (it’s already in the works and am excited for more!)


What is one thing you would like to say to someone who is considering taking that step and making an appointment with their local women's or mens's health physiotherapist?

You will leave with piece of mind (and plenty of education) regarding what is happening to your body and why, as well as what path we will take to get you better. You will be surprised at how connected everything is! You will probably wish you made an appointment sooner.



Cats or Dogs?  Dogs, in particular my new puppy, Norman!!

Beach or Bush? Beach – oh I love the beach. I am Canadian and didn’t grow up with beaches but always dreamed of living close to them!

Coffee or Tea? Coffee is my crutch but I will learn to control it in 2015.....

Full cream or skim? I like my coffee black. Dairy and I are not friends but if I had to pick, you can’t go past good quality full cream for all it’s essential healthy fats!!

Fruit or veg? I have a sweet tooth so fruit. And we have a mango tree out back that spits out 20 mangoes a day right now…anyone need any?!?!

Home cooked or Restaurant? Home-cooked aaaaaallllll the way!!!!

Camping or 5star? Total camper – no glamping, no toilets (squatting!!!) but if someone bought me a 5star night, I would not knock it back!


Your name and qualifications

Lori Forner, MPhtySt, APAM, Pilates Instructor, Certified Mom

You can drop by and say hi to Lori at:

Axis Rehab, 280 Adelaide St, Brisbane City, QLD 4000


Facebook page “Balance > Pelvic Health for Women