Choosing a Pelvic Floor Exerciser

Choosing a Pelvic Floor Exerciser

How to choose a pelvic floor exercise device : A step by step guide.
Not sure which product to choose? Follow these FIVE STEPS to help you make the right decision....


STEP 1:  Read about the different types of pelvic floor exercisers that are available.

STEP 2: Browse through the comparison table below to identify which exercisers offer the features you are looking for.

STEP 3: Follow the links in the table below to read detailed information about the products that you think may work for you.

STEP 4:  Read our answers to customer's Frequently Asked Questions.

STEP 5: Still not sure? We suggest that you discuss your specific needs with either your doctorwomen's or men's health physio  or continence nurse

Visual feedback                                                                            Readable feedback on dial, display or App

Perifit                                                                                               Perifit
Peritone /Simplex EMG                                                                 Peritone/Simplex EMG
Pelvic Floor Educator                                                                    Elvie                                                                                                                                           

Adjustable resistance                                                                 Contractions against resistance

Aquaflex - can increase further with Add On Weights                  Pelvic Floor Educator
Pelviweights - 
combined with balls                                                 Pelvibar                                                                            
Luna Beads                                                                                       Luna Beads
Pelvibar                                                                                             Teneo Uno 
and Duo
Peritone /Simplex  EMG 
                                                                Nova Balls                                                                                          


Can be used whilst laying down or semi-reclined                      Suitable for some women with prolapse

Pelvic Floor Educator                                                                        Teneo Uno
Peritone, Simplex EMG                                                                      Luna Beads ( using one ball)
Pericalm, Pelvitone, Continence Electrical -stimulation             Pericalm, Pelvitone, Continence electrical stimulation                                                                                
Vaginal balls - Teneo Uno / DuoLuna BeadsNova balls
Vaginal weights or cones  - Aquaflex    

Can use in standing                                                                      Can use whilst moving around

Aquaflex                                                                                        Aquaflex
Luna Beads                                                                                    Luna beads
Teneo Uno / Duo                                                                           Teneo Uno / DuoNova vaginal balls

Pelvic Floor Educator
Pelviweights (with any balls)

More suitable for beginners                                                        More suitable for advanced users

Pelvic Floor Educator                                                                    Pelvibar
                                                                                                         Teneo Uno / Duo with Pelviweights
Aquaflex                                                                                         Add-On weights for Aquaflex
Teneo Uno / Duo                                                                           Peritone, Simplex EMG
Luna Beads                                                                                    Elvie 
Pericalm, Pelvitone, Continence Electrical stimulation                                                                                                   
Peritone, Simplex EMG 
Nova vaginal balls  


Needs dedicated private exercise time                   Passive strengthening, good for endurance and functional retraining but can be used actively

Pelvic Floor Educator                                                              Aquaflex / + Add-On weights
                                                                                                   Luna beads
Pericalm, Pelvitone, Continence Electrical stimulation      Pericalm, Pelvitone, Continence electrical stimulation
Peritone , Simplex EMG                                                          Teneo Uno / Duo                              
                                                                                   Nova vaginal balls      
Vaginal balls with pelviweights added      

Suitable for  faecal incontinence                                           Suitable for overactove bladder / urgency                

Pericalm , Pelvitone, Continence
 ( with anal electrode)           Pericalm, Pelvitone, Continence Electrical-stimulation    

Suitable for use by men                                                          Suitable for  pelvic pain (depending on cause and after health professional assessment)                

                                                                                                           Peritone, Simplex EMG
Pericalm , Pelvitone, Continence (with anal electrode)              Pericalm, Pelvitone, Continence, TENS
Therawand - anal  AL                                                                      Therawand V  Therawand LA
Peritone/Simplex EMG - with anal electrode
                               Vaginal Dilators                        

Suitable for stimulating pelvic floor muscles                                          Suitable for calming pelvic floor muscles and nerves

Pericalm, Continence , Pelvitone Electrical-stimulation                           TENS
Myoplus                                                                                                           Pericalm, Continence , Pelvitone Electrical-stimulation
                                                                                                                          Peritone, Simplex EMG


It is not normally recommended to use insertable devices during pregnancy without clearance from your health professional team. Some products advertise that they can be used in a non-complicated pregnancy but please check first with your obstetrician or midwife.


Please note that pelvic floor weights are generally not suitable for use with a pelvic organ prolapse as the prolapsed organs may prevent the correct positioning of the weights. If your prolapse extends to the opening of the vagina please ask your treating health professional before starting the use of a pelvic floor exercise device. Read more about prolapse and pelvic floor exercises.

We DO stock products that:

  • that research has shown to be effective
  • incorporate safe materials appropriate for intimate use
  • are, wherever possible, included on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods and/or relevant agencies in other countries
  • meet our criteria of quality, effectiveness and value

We DON'T stock products that:

  • we believe to have dangerous design features. Poor mouldings can result in sharp edges that hurt delicate vaginal tissue, or crude seams that create an infection risk. Non-medical plastics are not safe for vaginal use.
  • make unsubstantiated claims about their effectiveness, or promote themselves by denigrating other products. We believe that evidence of effectiveness is important. Where it isn't yet available, but research is underway, we say so. We also believe that if a product is good enough, it will stand on its own strengths without needing to make comparisons that put similar products down.
  • are  ineffective. A vaginal sensor device that doesn't adjust with increasing muscle strength will last no time at all. A so-called "kegel exerciser" that sits between the thighs requiring the user to squeeze her thighs together might help the adductor (inner thigh) muscles but will do next to nothing for the pelvic floor muscles. We don't stock useless items simply for the sake of a sale!
  • are poor value for our customers. 

The material presented here is intended as an information source only. The information is provided solely on the basis that readers will be responsible for making their own assessment of the matters presented herein and are advised to verify all relevant representations, statements and information. The information should not be considered complete and should not be used in place of the advice of a health care provider. Pelvic Floor Exercise does not accept liability to any person for the information or advice provided , or for loss or damages incurred as a result of reliance upon the material contained herein.

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