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Lead Wire Reference NeuroTrac®

Lead Wire Reference NeuroTrac®

Lead Dual Replacement Neen / Neurotrac TENS Devices

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Lead replacement Pericalm / Neurotrac devices

Lead connects your EMG or electrical stimulation machine to your electrode

Improved features: thicker, more flexible cable jacket.

Compatible with all of the stimulation and EMG machines we sell:

  • Neen Pericalm
  • Neen Peritone EMG
  • Neurotrac Pelvitone
  • Neurotrac Continence
  • Neurotrac Obstetric TENS
  • Neurotrac TENS
  • Neurotrac Sports TENS
  • Neurotrac Simplex EMG
  • ** not compatible with Accurate analogue TENS machine

  • Inner wire - copper 
  • Outer jacket and plugs - PVC
  • Latex free