Troubleshooting with your electrical stimulation machine

In this video we address the most commonly asked questions about electrical stimulation and TENS machines and how to fix any problems that may arise.

The machines are rarely faulty unless they have been mistreated. Problems mostly occur due to error by the applicator and lack of full contact with the user hence preventing the circuit to be complete and the machine to work.

When your machine cuts out at 5-6mA this is a sign that your machine is in fact working. This cut-out is a safety mechanism to alert you to the fact that you have lost contact somewhere along the line.

The problems can be:

  • broken/faulty machine (very rare)
  • broken lead ( most commonly due to rough handling damaging the delicate lead wires)
  • broken electrode (most commonly due to rough handling, pulling in out out via leads and not flange)
  • lack of contact with user/incomplete circuit - common
  • Fiona, our physiotherapist, discusses all of these and solutions are given by in the video.

You can see our full range of electrical stimulation machines HERE

Download our step by step guide to testing your machine 


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