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Pericalm Pelvic Floor Stimulation Tens/EMS Unit


Brand: Neen Code: PCSU




Women DO NOT use electrical stimulation without first checking with your health professional if you have an IUD or pessary.  Click HERE for other contraindications and to see how electrical stimulation works.

USA customers we cannot supply electrical stimulation machines to the USA click here for further information. Your order will be cancelled and refunded.

Electrical stimulation is particularly useful for anyone with a substantially weakened pelvic floor who has difficulty contracting their pelvic floor muscles. It can act as the first stage of an ongoing pelvic floor strengthening program, helping you to re-establish your ability to identify and contract your pelvic floor muscles correctly.

Men can use electrical stimulation with either anal or external electrodes, women can use it with anal, vaginal or external electrodes.

EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) units are widely used by physiotherapists in their practices and the Pericalm brings the same technology to the privacy of your own home, in a simple, user-friendly device.
The Pericalm is a high-quality Tens unit, suitable for personal use at home or in a health professional practice setting. It has 6 pre-set programs, designed to help with a wide variety of pelvic floor problems

The preset programs mean that it is extremely easy to use. It's just a question of connecting your preferred electrode, selecting your preferred program, and switching on. Intensity can be controlled by the user, making the Pericalm an extremely user-friendly device. In use, electrical stimulation creates a tingling sensation that should never be uncomfortable.

  • PR pain relief  2Hz, 175uS, 1 sec ramp, WORK cont, 25min
  • STR1 stress UI  30Hz, 200uS, 1sec ramp, WORK 5sec REST 5sec, 25min
  • STR2 stress UI  35Hz, 210uS, 1 sec ramp, WORK 5sec REST 10sec, 25min
  • URGE  10Hz, 210uS, 1 sec ramp, WORK 5sec REST 6sec, 25min
  • FURG frequency/urgency    10Hz, 250uS, 1sec ramp, WORK 5sec REST 10sec, 25min  
  • PFW workout & lack of sensitivity  2-30Hz sequential , 34min
  • MEM 1, 2 or 3 customisable programs 2-100Hz; 50-450uS;  0.3- 9.9 ramp;  work/rest  2-99sec but cannot be used on continuous;  timer 5-60min


Choosing an electrode
The Pericalm does not come with its own electrode, but can be used with any of the vaginal or anal electrodes in our range. The Periform and Anuform are produced by the same manufacturer as the Pericalm and intended for use with it. However it is compatible  with any of the electrodes in our range which you can view here

Troubleshooting questions answered here

Read more about the science behind electrical stimulation.

Click here to download expert physiotherapy instructions on how to use your Pericalm electrical stimulation machine.

What is included?

  • Pericalm electrical stimulation device
  • 9V battery
  • 2 lead wires (leads that connect unit to electrode)
  • User manual
  • Soft carry case


Visual Feedback:

Adjustable programs:
Yes: 6 pre-programmed settings covering 2 programs for stress incontinence, 1 for urge, 1 for urge frequency, 1 for pelvic pain, and 1 all round pelvic floor workout. Plus 3 customisable programs

Adjustable intensity:

Electrodes :
ELECTRODE NOT INCLUDED. Choose from our electrode range to suit your specific needs.

Manufacturer's recommendations for use:
Before using this product, the manufacturers suggest that you should consult your Physiotherapist, Continence Adviser or Doctor. Manufacturer's handbook provides information on programs, and the unit is supplied with a summary of NMES research to assist a practitioner who is not familiar with EMS to advise on usage.

Electrical stimulation is not suitable for everyone: Check who shouldn't use it or in which situations not to use it:

  • Cardiac pacemaker in use
  • Unstable or serious cardiac arrhythmia
  • Pregnancy or whilst attempting pregnancy
  • Broken/irritated skin in the area where the current will be applied
  • Rectal bleeding or swollen haemorrhoids
  • Urinary tract or vaginal infections
  • Seizure disorders
  • Malignancy or tumour present
  • Pessary ring or IUD in situ ( check with your doctor or physiotherapist first)

If in doubt, please consult your health care provider.

More specifications:

  • 9 volt battery (included)
  • 6 Pre-set programs
  • Facilities to set up 3 customised programmes
  • LCD displays intensity, Rate, Pulse Width, Time and Programme mode
  • Dual Channel
  • Work/Rest periods from 2-99 seconds
  • Ramp up time .03-9.9 seconds
  • Time countdown monitored on LCD display
  • Range: Rate 2Hz-200Hz, Pulse Width 50µS-300µS
  • Lock mode function for measuring home compliance
  • Automatic switch off after 4 minutes if the unit is not in use
  • Simple to use
  • Integral clip for fastening to belt.
  • Please note that an electrode is not included. You are free to choose the one you prefer from our range.

The Pericalm manufacturer states that the unit is intended for use under the guidance of a health professional, and our information sheet Using the Pericalm provides information that may help the user and the health professional to determine an appropriate regime.

Unsure about the difference between the Pericalm and the Peritone?

The Pericalm is an electrical stimulation device that delivers a small controllable electrical charge to your muscles. Electrical stimulation is often recommended for women who are unable to locate and contract their pelvic floor muscles: electrical stimulation is used to "jump start" them into action, to assist in locating muscles and developing muscle awareness, and to provide a workout particularly in the earlier stages of pelvic floor exercise program.
The Peritone is a feedback device that measures muscle activity. With a Peritone, you do the muscle work yourself and the device tells you whether you are improving via visual and audio feedback. The device can be programmed for an exercise session, which you then follow, contracting and relaxing in time with the display. As your muscles strengthen over time, your base level will increase and the Peritone will constantly feedback on the power of your contraction. As the Peritone measures and provides feedback on muscle activity, women who have been diagnosed with overly tense pelvic floor muscles can find it assists them to learn how to relax their pf muscles fully.

Read more about the science behind electrical stimulation.

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