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Nova Pelvic Floor Exercise Balls


Brand: Svakom Code: NOVAEB



SVAKOM Nova pelvic floor exercise weights are a set of three weighted balls of gradually increasing weight and decreasing diameter for progressive pelvic floor muscle training to challenge your pelvic floor.
A strong pelvic floor helps to:

  • reduce stress urinary incontinence
  • improve sexual sensation and enjoyment
  • support your pelvic organs and prevent pelvic organ prolapse


The decreasing size and increasing weight of Nova works on the principle that a smaller heavier weight makes your pelvic floor work harder allowing you to progress your pelvic floor exercise program.

Start with the larger diameter single ball which is the lightest.
Once you can comfortably hold this in for 10 - 15 mins, progress to the middle- size double ball and then on to the smallest, heaviest ball.

Product Features

  • body-safe super soft silicone
  • silicone removal string
  • 3 weights
  • 3 shapes
  • from larger lighter weight, progress to smaller heavier weight suitable for beginners to intermediate users
  • 100% waterproof
  • inner stainless steel ball creates vibration and stimulates pelvic floor muscles to contract.



• Large single ball : 36mm X135 mm weight 49g
• Medium double ball : 32mm X170 mm weight 75g
• Small double ball : 28mm X162 mm weight 95g

* suppplied with physiotherapy guide to using your vaginal weights correctly

Single Ball : 36 x 135mm  49g
Double Ball (big) : 32 x 170mm  75g
Double Ball (small) : 28 x 162mm  95g

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