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Luna Beads: progressive vaginal balls *

Luna Beads: progressive vaginal balls *

Smartballs Teneo Uno*

Smartballs Teneo Uno*

Luna Beads Mini*

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Luna Beads™ Mini are a smaller version of Luna Beads™ and better suit women who have not given birth or who have a smaller hiatus ( the gap between the two sides of the deeper vaginal muscles, levator ani, which surround and support the vagina)
They are a revolutionary product, combining the benefits of vaginal balls, with the progressive adjustable weights formerly offered only by vaginal cones. The weights are the same as Luna Beads™ but the diameter of each ball is 29mm compared to 33mm of the larger set

Luna Beads™ Mini consist of:

  • a white silicone girdle
  • two petal pink beads each weighing 28g
  • two powder blue beads each weighing 37g
  • each ball is 29mm in diameter.


Beads can be positioned in the girdle, and used within the vagina in any combination so it is possible to create progressive vaginal weights. See Specifications for combinations

Progressive vaginal weights help to build pelvic floor strength by providing an increasing challenge to the pelvic floor muscles. The inner weight within the beads also create a vibration as you move which helps to stimulate muscle contraction and improve awareness of your pelvic floor muscles.

In addition to the benefits of progressive weights, Luna Beads™ mini offer all the benefits of standard vaginal balls including:

  • Luna Beads™mini can be worn discreetly whilst doing everyday chores, with the weight providing a muscle challenge as well as feedback as to how to engage your pelvic floor muscles whilst doing activities.
  • Research has shown that pelvic floor contractions with vaginal balls in place are more effective than contractions on an empty vagina (Glavind, Arvonen)..
  • Luna Beads™mini can also both be combined with an external weights set for active pelvic floor weights exercising. Progress through the weight combination offered by Luna Beads, then if you require further progression, add PelviWeights for active pelvic floor weight training, offering a unique challenge of pelvic floor strength.


Adjustable Resistance:
Lelo Luna Beads Mini can be progressed as follows:

  • 28g (one pink bead)
  • 37g (one blue bead)
  • 56g (two pink beads)
  • 65g (one pink and one blue bead)
  • 74g (two blue beads)


Luna Beads™mini

  • are supplied beautifully presented in quality packagingand are designed and developed by Lelo of Sweden, manufacturer and distributor of luxury sex toys.
  • CE certified
  • Manufactured from body safe ABS and silicone
  • Carry a one year manufacturer's warranty. 
  • A modern version of an ancient women's pleasure device, known by various names in different places and times, including vaginal balls, orgasm balls, ben-wa balls or geisha balls.


Only water-based lubricant such as YES WB 50ml  or YES WB 100ml should be used with Luna Beads™ vaginal weights, and should be washed off immediately after use.


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