Vaginal Weight Comparison Chart

Our physiotherapist, Fiona has put together a handy chart so you can easily compare the sizes of the vaginal weights, cones and balls sold on Pelvic Floor Exercise.
We are often asked 'which weight is best for me?' so this handy reference should help determine that.

The main feature to look for is the width of a ball. If you are going to be able to hold it in then it needs to fit. If too narrow for your vaginal width it will slide out. If too wide, it may be uncomfortable to insert.
As a general rule of thumb, women who have given birth vaginally will usually start with a wider weight/ball.
However if you are able to easily retain a tampon you should be able to use the Aquaflex or Intimate Rose.

You can do a quick self test by inserting two clean fingers into your vagina, contract you pelvic floor and if you can feel your pelvic floor muscles squeezing your fingers together then you will most likely be able to use the Aquaflex cones or the Intimate Rose set.
If you don't feel much squeeze then start with something wider like the Uno ball or Nova Balls.

Another good test is if you use tampons - if you can't hold one in or it tends to slide sideways you may not be able to retain a cone. A larger ball may suit better but also please see your pelvic floor physiotherapist for a proper assessement if you haven't already.

If you can easily hold a tampon in, and you can feel a squeeze around your finger/s when inserted, then you should be able to use cones.

If you can't feel any movement then you should see a pelvic floor physiotherapist or your doctor for further guidance before starting with a device.


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