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Pelvic Floor Educator: perfect introductory budget exerciser, with easy-to-use indicator, helps you to contract muscles correctly. Ideal for beginners who want to ensure they are using a correct "squeeze and lift" technique. Featured in “Women’s Waterworks”

Pelvic Floor Educator





Our simplest and cheapest feedback device

The main problem most women experience when first attempting pelvic floor exercises is knowing whether they are doing them correctly. The Pelvic Floor Educator is the perfect  product to teach you how to contract your pelvic floor correctly and effectively.

The Educator is an extremely simple form of visual feedback, ideal if you want to confirm that you are exercising correctly. It is a simple, low-cost means to overcome the problem that many women experience identifying the correct squeeze technique

The unique form of the Pelvic Floor Educator's vaginal probe allows it to follow the movement of the internal walls of the vagina. This movement indicates how the muscles of your pelvic floor are being contracted. The external indicator stick amplifies this movement to show whether these muscles are being contracted correctly or not.

Following the instructions provided, you will easily be able to see the movement in the external indicator. If you are exercising correctly, the indicator moves downwards, towards your tailbone or coccyx. If you are exercising incorrectly, the indicator moves upwards, towards the pubic bone, or will slide out of the vagina altogether.


The Educator consists of four parts, which click together easily. Full instructions are included. It is easy to care for and is cleaned by washing with soap and water.

The Pelvic Floor Educator has been developed from the award-winning probe Periform  and is very popular with many Australian physiotherapists as a teaching tool. Its development and approved manufacturing process guarantee a quality product


Insertion of the probe is sometimes made easier by the use of a very small amount of water-based lubricant. We stock Sylk Natural Personal Lubricant as the best product for this purpose.

The Pelvic Floor Educator is featured in Women's Waterworks.

The Pelvic Floor Educator is designated as a medical device and no GST is payable.

Visual Feedback:

Adjustable Resistance:

The insertable vaginal probe component is approx 6.5 cm long and approx 9cm circumference at its widest point. With both tips attached, the external indicator measures approx 28cm.

Pelvic Floor Educators are manufactured from medical grade materials but not under sterile conditions and we therefore recommend cleaning before use.


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