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Queen's Square Bladder Stimulator


Brand: Malem Code: QSBS



The Queen’s Square Bladder Stimulator was developed by Malem Medical in conjunction with the National Hospital For Neurology and Neurosurgery in London.

The stimulator is a hand held, battery operated vibrating device which can be used to initiate urination and maintain bladder emptying in people who are unable to fully empty the bladder.

It is easy to use and can avoid the difficulties and problems associated with self catheterisation.

Any condition leading to a neurogenic bladder with hyper-reflexia will benefit if urination is difficult and if post void residuals ( PVR or amount of urine remaining in bladder after urinating) are high.
High resiudals are generally regarded as above 100mls.

It is commonly used in MS ( Multiple Sclerosis).

The device vibrates at 60Hz which has been found to be effective in stimulating a detrusor ( bladder muscle ) contraction to assist in bladder emptying

The Stimulator is placed on the lower abdomen (above the pubic bone) before commencing passing urine and the vibration is activated by applying gentle pressure against the skin. This activates the vibration, however an on/off button is available on the back for patients who are unable to exert sufficient pressure to activate the stimulator.
The stimulator should be kept vibrating whilst urine is being passed, and for about one to two (1-2) minutes after the feeling that the urine stream has finished.

The Queen's Square bladder stimulator works on two AA Alkaline batteries.

You can read the original research paper British Journal Of Urology, Volume 80, Issue 2, August 1997, p234-327  HERE

Hand held , battery operated device

Uses 2 x AA Alkaline batteries

Weighs 120g

14 cm long 7cm wide


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