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Pelvic Model Male*

Pelvic Model Male*

Pelvic Model Female*

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Pelvic Model Female

Pelvic floor anatomy is not easy to visualize and this led to Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, MJ Forget from Canada,  creating these hand drawn pelvic models to help physiotherapists and health practitioners learn the anatomy of the pelvic floor muscles.  

It is both a valuable tool for professionals and a great visual aid for your pelvic health patients.  For those practising in the area of pelvic health, you know how disconnected our patients can be with their pelvic floor.  They can't see these muscles, or touch them and often don't even know that they exist.

Educating our patients about the pelvic floor muscles is a key part of what we do and it helps to have tools to do so.

This fully laminated pelvic floor drawing can be folded into a 3D model measuring 24 x 21cm

 It can be used to:

  •  learn the anatomy of the female pelvic floor.
  •  improve your palpation skills which can be practised with the model (comes with opening for vagina and anus which allows actual palpation of muscles)
  •  visual aids in the clinical setting for teaching patients what and where their pelvic floor is
  •  patient can hold the model whilst you examine so they can visualise what you are doing


How to assemble:

  • Your model comes flat with the superficial layer of pelvic floor muscles on one side and deep layer on the other
  • There are 4 velcro dots on each side
    2 at the pubic bone in front of the ischiocavernosus and 2 at the back near the sacrum on external  layer
    2 near the sacrum and 2 near the pubic bone (just in front of the obturator internus) on deep layer
  • With the internal muscles facing you, bend the model at the pubic bone and attach the dot on the right obturator internus to the dot BEHIND the pubic bone ( which is one of the ones on the flipside near ischiocavernosus)
  • Repeat for the other side
  • Turn model around so you are holding the sacrum
  • Bend sacrum up and attach the dot near the piriformis to the dot BEHIND the sacrum on the same side
  • Repeat on the other side


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