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Ohnut™  Classic is the first intimate wearable that allows couples to explore comfortable penetration depths.

See below for sizing, those with wider girth or those wanting a looser fit, may prefer Ohnut™  Wide 
Many women will experience painful penetrative sex at some stage in their lifetime.

Deeper penetration can get uncomfortable or even painful for many women, and position changes don't always solve the problem.

Ohnut has partnered with renowned clinicians to design Ohnut™, the revolutionary wearable that allows couples to explore enjoyable penetration depths. 

Worn externally at the base of a penetrating partner (eg shaft or toy) Ohnut compresses down to act like a buffer, so you can adjust how deep feels good for both of you. Each set comes with 4 stacking rings that make it simple to incrementally adjust depths that are not just enjoyable for all, but bring partners closer together.

Who will benefit from using Ohnut™? :

  • both penetrating and receiving partners when the receiving partner experiences pain with deeper penetration or thrusting 
  • Ohnut™ can be used on the base of the shaft of a penis or on a toy used for penetrative sex making it a very inclusive product for all sexes

Ohnut™ is:

  • wearable
  • soft
  • comfortable
  • adjustable 
  • simple
  • playful

Designed with an FDA approved body-safe polymer, Ohnut™ is :

  • phthalate free
  • latex free
  • BPA free.

Ohnut™ can be used with:

  • silicone lubricant
  • water-based lubricant.

    ***DO NOT use oil-based lubricant as it can degrade the material (this includes coconut oil)


  • Width stretches to 8in (20.3cm)
  • Height of four rings measures 23⁄4 in (7cm) tall


Think about the condoms you and/or your partner normally use—that will help narrow down which Ohnut will be most comfortable.

Classic Ohnut™  : "Standard" or "regular" condoms

Wider Ohnut™   : Trojan Magnum, Durex XXL, or similar

What you get:

  • 4 soft rings

  •  travel pouch

Watch here how to use Ohnut™


  • Width stretches to 8in (20.3cm)
  • Height of four rings measures 2 3⁄4 in (7cm) tall

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