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Electrodes- the Ins and Outs

All of the electrodes we sell are compatible with all of the machines we sell on Pelvic Floor Exercise, this includes electrical stimulation, EMG and TENS machines.  

What is the difference between the electrodes?


Points of difference:

  •  comes in two sizes 20mm and 25 mm diameter so choice is dependent on hiatal or vaginal size
  • electrode plates are circumferential which can be advantageous for maximising potential contact esp if not sure of innervation or whether fully intact levators

PFLEX Lifecare PR 18A  

Points of difference:

  • Similar style to the popular Veriprobe which is no longer available.
  • A good all round electrode that has a flange on the base to assist insertion and to help ensure electrode plates are in correct orientation with the deep pelvic floor muscle layer.

PFLEX Lifecare PR 02A 

Points of difference:

  • Rounded on the end and narrower at the flange, this electrode can be very helpful particularly for treating pelvic pain as following the initial insertion it is usually more comfortable and more easily retained within the vagina than one with a wider neck.
  • The round flange doesn't always allow you to know exactly which direction the electrode plates are facing but does allow for adjustment via turning if you are not feeling stim ulation sensation where you want it.


Points of difference:

  • Has been designed to fit the shape of the vagina better, which is especially good for women with larger hiatus, ensuring better contact.
  • It is the sister product to the Pelvic Floor Educator, and can double as one as it comes with the same indicator stick . This allows you to see if you are doing a contraction - the stick will move downwards ( towards the tailbone) when activating the pelvic floor correctly and can be used whether attached to a stimulation machine or not.
  • The eletrodes on the PERIFORM+ make it slightly wider than the Pelvic Floor Educator so can be used as an educator for women with a larger levator hiatus (LH) even if it is not being to be used for stimulation or EMG.


Points of difference:

  • electrode plates contain base metals including a small amount of nickel. For users with a nickel allergy , this gold-plated electrode is ideal as it will not cause an allergic reation 
  • comes with an indoicator stick similar to the Periform+ which acts as a biofeedback tool to assit with seeing/feeling the correct action and can be used separately as a pelvioc floor educator.


Points of difference:

  • comfortable easy to insert anal electrode that automatically sits in the correct position within the anal canal
  • can be used vaginally in very small women (obviously not if also being used anally)


Points of difference:

  • small width with 2 circumferential electrode plates to ensure contact
  • narrowed neck to fit smaller anal verge


Points of difference:

  • longer insertable length
  • control depth of insertion and repeat insertion depth with collar
  • 2 circumferential electrode plates to ensure contact 

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