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Femmax Vaginal Dilators

Femmax Vaginal Dilators

Amielle Comfort Vaginal Dilators 5 Pack

Amielle Comfort Vaginal Dilators 5 Pack

Berman Dilator Set

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Berman Dilator Set

Berman Dilator Set

" Phrases in quotes are taken from the manufacturer's description of this product".

The Berman Dilator Set offers a cost-effective alternative to medical grade vaginal dilators for women suffering from vaginismus and other sexual health conditions.
Marketed as a "novelty product" intended to "assist women in having more pleasurable sex", the Berman Dilator Set offers four graduated dilators in sizes.
It includes a vibration function which many sex therapists recommend.
Arousal is an integral part of successful penetrative intercourse and adding vibration can be useful to assist with arousal when using your dilators.

The Berman Dilator Set can help you to manage and treat vaginismus and other sexual health conditions in the privacy and comfort of your own home. The dilators are one of a range of products from US sex therapist, Dr Laura Berman, and can help you to familiarise yourself with your body and help to build confidence at a pace that best suits you.

The smallest dilator is permanently fixed to the handle and the other three dilators, of increasing size, can be mounted and locked onto the handle for progressive vaginal dilation.
The handle incorporates an optional vibrator function, which requires two AA batteries (not included). The base of the handle unscrews to reveal the battery cavity, which is fully waterproof when base is screwed on again. The ring at the base of the handle also acts as the vibrator speed control. Vibration is delivered along the shaft of the small fixed dilator, but is also effective on other larger dilators when they are in place.
If you do not want to use the vibration function you can simply leave the battery cavity empty.

What is Included:

  •   Handle with smallest dilator included
  •   3 more progressively sized dilators ( see specifications for sizes)
  •   Silicone sleeve with a textured surface which fits over all but the largest dilator and offers "extra comfort and versatility".
  •   Basic user information is provided in the instructions printed on the box
  •   More in-depth instructions ,written by our  physiotherapist Fiona who is experienced in the use of dilator therapy, are also included

Download our physiotherapist guided advice on using your vaginal dilators


Women who need more guidance in using vaginal dilators for vaginismus, vulvodynia, dyspareunia or related conditions are encouraged to discuss their needs with an appropriate health professional.


Berman dilators are easily cleaned in soapy water, after ensuring that the battery cavity in the base of the handle is tightly closed.


Read Fiona's BLOG on which vaginal dilators to choose.

PLEASE NOTE  that this dilator set is manufactured, distributed and sold as a "novelty product". It does not claim to be manufactured by a medical appliances manufacturer under medical grade conditions, although it does carry a CE mark. As a novelty product, the plastic mouldings may not be as polished as on a medical grade product. Women who prefer the reassurance of a medical grade appliance should choose our Amielle Comfort or Femmax  dilators.

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