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Yes WB Organic Lubricant 50ml


Brand: Yes Code: YES50



YES water- based lubricant

  • a unique dual purpose vaginal moisturiser and lubricant.
  • for topical use to relieve discomfort or as a sexual lubricant.
  • formulated from water-retaining plant polymers to rehydrate delicate tissues.
  • pH balanced to maintain the typical vaginal environment and combat thrush & irritation.
  • enhances sexual pleasure and sensitivity
  • no smell, no taste, no stickiness
  • effective in treating the symptoms of vaginal dryness.
  • hypoallergenic, formulated to minimise risk of allergies
  • paraben free
  • glycerine and hormone free


Condom, sex toy , medical device compatible.

Why is using a lubricant good for you?

  • help prevent abrasions or tearing of vaginal and anal tissues
  • help make the insertion of  devices more comfortable and effective  e.g. vaginal dilators, pelvic exercisers
  • assist with reducing friction during penetrative intercourse, and help keep condoms from slipping off
  • improve comfort and enjoyment of sex
  • if you experience pain with penetrative sex , that can lead to fear and reduction in production of your natural lubricant which in turn can lead to further pain and tissue abrasion.
  • can assist with vaginal dryness
  • advised for use when returning to sexual activity after giving birth or gynaecological surgery like hysterectomy or prolapse repair


Why are ingredients important?

  • additives and preservatives can be irritating to delicate tissues - especially mucosal tissue of the vestibule, vagina and anus
  • some possible irritants in lubricants are : alcohol(acetate)  scents, flavourings, stimulants (menthols)
  • some preservatives can be irritating : parabens, sorbates
  • the BASE for the lubricant is important : Water-based are generally considered one of the safest. They are easily cleaned, so less likely to encourage growth of bacteria that will cause infection and therefore ideal for use with devices being inserted into the vagina or rectum.They are suitable for use with condoms

See Specifications for ingredient list of YES Organic water-based lubricant  and WATCH A VIDEO featuring Sarah Brooks, the formulation chemist for YES organic products describe what is in YES WB lubricant

If irritation or discomfort occurs, discontinue use and see a doctor

Double Glide

You can use both YES OB and YES WB together to create a double-glide effect *. Combine the moisture of water-based YES with the long-lasting smooth glide of oil-based.

  1. Apply OB
  2. Apply WB  

** do not use this method if you rely on condoms during sexual activity as the OB is not compatible 


  • Water
  • Aloe vera (aloe barbadensis leaf juice)
  • Flaxseed extract (linum usitatissimum)
  • Guar gum (cyamopsis tetragonolobus
  • Locust bean gum (ceratonia siliqua
  • Xanthan gum
  • sodium chloride
  • poassium sorbate
  • citric acid
  • sodium benzoate

    Certified 96% organic

What is the preservative used in YES WB? (frome the manufacturer's website)

We use Sodium benzoate as the preservative in the WB this is at the lowest possible concentration to provide sufficient shelf life and to ensure we meet European and USA/FDA preservative efficacy standards, for Sodium benzoate/Phenoxyethanol in our class of product the maximum this is 0.5%. The use of these preservatives at levels below 1.0% has been well researched and they have been deemed safe by European and American authorities. We have to use a preservative in our water-based products to ensure they remain safe for you to use after they are made which gives them a reliable shelf life. All our products are certified by the Soil Association UK as ORGANIC, this means we have a very restricted list of preservatives we can use, they have to be as natural as possible. Sodium benzoate is a naturally occurring chemical in many fruits where it acts as a preservative. The Sodium benzoate we use is not harvested from nature, as it is widely used in foods and cosmetics, it is not possible to harvest enough to satisfy demand. It is made in a chemical reaction with Benzoic acid and sodium hydroxide. Along with Phenoxyethanol, Sodium benzoate is the best most natural preservative we have found for use on the sensitive mucous membranes. Neither are irritants to the mucosa and at lower concentrations than other preservatives are effective at keeping our products safe for use. In summary Sodium benzoate is a naturally occurring molecule, it is non-irritating to the vaginal mucosa, it works well at low concentrations, is approved by the FDA and is so widely used it has to be man-made. Phenoxyethanol is a food and cosmetic quality/grade preservative. YES products are certified organic (greater than 95% organic ingredients) by the Soil Association in UK, this supports our ingredients policy, in that we can only use certain approved (gentle) preservatives (for example no parabens

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