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Vaginismus Dilators


Brand: Vaginismus Code: T8077




Now available in Australia, dilators are designed with a smooth finish that ensures maximum comfort and ease of insertion.
Whilst they were originally designed for the treatment of vaginismus, they can be successfully used for any other condition requiring gentle stretching of the vaginal tissues and pelvic floor muscles.

Designed  to maximise treatment benefits

  • a naturally sloping tip is helpful for comfortable insertion
  • a slightly tapered barrel helps easier transition from one size to the next.
  • very smooth texture makes it easier to smoothly insert dilators without any sticking or grabbing
  • designed with no seams, edge-lines or burrs, also helps reduce or prevent internal vaginal irritation
  • external handle with no edges showing due to the flange shape of each dilator
  • an appropriate size range from small to life -size


Through the proper use of dilators, women can more easily develop control over involuntary tightness and assist their vaginal tisues, pelvic floor muscles, body and mind to the sensation of having something in their vagina.

This is all done, together with appropriate exercises, as transition preparation to help women retrain their bodies to respond in a painfree and pleasurable way to penetration and to transition to fully pain-free intercourse, sexual activity and/or medical examinations such as Pap smears.

Effective for treating

  • vaginismus
  • dyspareunia
  • vaginal narrowing
  • vaginal agenesis (absent or incomplete vaginal canal)
  • post-surgical scar tissue


Stretching vs Gaining Control

There is more to treating vaginismus then simply inserting dilators.
The focus of dilator use in treating vaginismus is not to simply stretch the vaginal tissues or vaginal opening.
Women with penetration difficulties related to their vaginismus often assume that dilators are used to stretch the vaginal opening so that it will be larger.
In fact, penetration problems are not related to the size of the vagina but rather to problems with involuntary tightness of the superficial pelvic floor muscles that surround the opening to the vagina.

The use of dilators alone, without any program or professional direction, is usually frustrating and ineffective.
Treatment is less about stretching and more about learning how to control and override underlying problems with involuntary pelvic floor muscle spasm or contraction.

When attempts at intercourse result in pain and failure, the body reacts even more strongly, further triggering the vaginismus effect. This is sometimes referred to as the vaginismus cycle of pain, as it evolves into an ongoing, worsening experience.and fear of attemtping intercourse or sexual intimacy,

reproduced from © dilators are injection-molded from medical-grade (FDA INT) plastics. They are:

  • Non-toxic
  • BPA-free
  • Latex-free.

The dilators are fabricated in a “clean-room” process, ensuring minimal contamination and high quality control

Click on  SPECIFICATIONS for detailed sizing of each dilator in the set dilators are injection-molded from medical-grade (FDA INT) plastics.
They are non-toxic
The dilators are fabricated in a “clean-room” process, ensuring minimal contamination and high quality control



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