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Uberlube 50 ml


Brand: Uberlube Code: UBER50



So much more than just a premium lubricant


Überlube is silicone - based and biostatic. It will not harbour outside yeast, bacteria or mould.
Uniquely designed to improve skin sensation whilst safely reducing friction.
Überlube feels natural, performs whilst in use, then dissipates across your skin leaving a soft, moisturised feel.
It will not harm healthy bacteria or affect pH levels.

  • body and condom friendly as it is latex safe
  • scentless
  • tasteless
  • colour free
  • no sticky residue, not oily or tacky
  • free of parabens, preservatives and petrochemicals
  • will not stain clothing or bedding- spills easily cleaned with detergent and water
  • simple inert ingredients makes it ideal for those with sensitivities to other lubricants
  • measured pump dispenses perfect amount each time - even in the dark
  • long-lasting performance that lets skin feel skin
  • reduces friction, not sensation
  • it won't leak or spill and is hygenic for clinic use as well.


The metered pump allows easy dispensing. Überlube is concentrated and super-effective so a small amount goes a long way.
Start with minimal amount of 2-3 pumps and then work out what works best for you.

Made in Chicago  in the US, Überlube is small-batch produced and tested. It is also 3rd party batch-tested to ensure quality standards.

See Specifications for the 4 ingredient list.

Uberlube has not been tested for fertility and is not recommended when trying to become pregnant


Anti -chafing:

A small amount of Überlube can be applied anywhere to prevent chafing, not just when exercising.
Long-lasting high-performance chafe protection - a small amount lasts for hours
Dissipates when no longer in use, leaving skin clean and smooth.
Sweat and water - resistant.
Prevents chafing whilst swimming, running and cycling
Used by swimmers to reduce friction and improve glide
Used by divers to ease in and out of wetsuits


Protects skin and hair from chlorine and bromine when swimming
Multi-purpose hair styling solution.
Tame frizz, de-tangle, smooth and condition for a healthy sheen.

Überlube ingredients:

  1. Dimethicone
  2. Dimethiconol
  3. Cyclomethicone
  4. Tocopheryl Acetate ( Vit E)


Überlube packaging :

Type 1 borosilicate glass which is a special durable glass used for stressful applications like pyrex laboratory glass, telescope mirros and aquarium heaters


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