Hi Craig, Thank you once again. I am so appreciative of your amazing customer service. I will be spreading the word not only on your extensive product range but now also on how delightful you are to deal with

Customer, January 2019

The contiform and EVB exercise pants are fabulous. It was amazing and incredibly liberating being able to do squat jumps, star jumps and run without leaking in an exercise class today

C, Customer November 2018

Thank you so much for your reply! You are such a wealth of knowledge!!

Jennifer, Physiotherapist November 2018

Many thanks for that, Emma.  I appreciate how quickly you responded to my request. 

Karen, Customer October 2018

Thank you so much Fiona for your prompt reply.   I will await my appointment with the physio.   Your reply has been very helpful.  

Jo, Customer September 2018

Thank you so much again for taking the time to help me.

Taryn, Physiotherapist August 2018

Thank you for the speedy service. My PFX arrived in just 2 days from the time of ordering.

C, Customer August 2018

Thank you Fiona for responding so promptly to my enquiry.

M, Customer July 2018

Be assured that I am very satisfied with Pelvic Floor Exercise shop. You are prompt to satisfy orders and provide an excellent customer service.

S, Customer July 2018

Just wanted to say thank you very much for your kindness and assistance and let you that the parcel arrived safely yesterday. Best wishes

L, Customer July 2018

Just wanted to say thank you! The replacement case was delivered yesterday to our door. Thanks again to you and all concerned

D, Customer July 2018

A thousand thanks and God bless you for your care and kindness.

Ann ,Customer April 2018

Thank you so much! So nice of you to do that, my physio said you were good and I am really glad I shopped with you. Thanks again.

M, Customer March 2018

Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions, I really appreciate it.

C, Customer February 2018

I just wanted to thank you for the speedy dispatch of the YES products I purchased ... they arrived earlier in the week. Also I wanted to let you know how absolutely amazing I found the Yes VM ... truly incredible! I have been suffering badly for the last 3 weeks from what I had originally thought was cystitis and had been taking Ural to try and alleviate the symptoms (frequent burning urination etc etc) but without success. Upon doing internet research I came to the conclusion it could well be due to vaginal dryness ... which brought me to your website and the Yes VM. Within 20 minutes of the first use of it, all symptoms totally disappeared and I have my sanity back again! At the moment I have decided to use a little bit each day for a week and then drop back to 2 or 3 times a week. I simply can not say enough for the product other than it has been a life saver for me. I’m still stunned at how quickly, and well, the VM worked ... and have already told a few of my similar aged (mid 60’s) friends.

Customer February 2018

Thanks for your prompt service

Dianne, Customer February 2018

Hi Fiona, Thank you for your lovely email - and the brochures ! I love referring patients to your website , it is very reassuring to know that they are purchasing from a business which provides great resources and information.

Sally, Physiotherapist February 2018

Again thank you for helping me out with the Dilators , You have been more helpful than my GP . I’ll just see if I can see someone first .

V, Customer January 2018

Oh wow! Thank you. So quick 

Astrid, Doctor December 2017

I'm very grateful for the great service you offer.

Liz, Physiotherapist December 2017

Hi Fiona, Thank you so much for your advice your very kind. 

A, Customer November 2017

Hello Fiona, Thank you for a swift reply. Your help has been truly amazing and now i can make the correct purchase to help myself. Thank you so much. 

N, Customer November 2017 

Hi Fiona, That's so fantastic. Thank you for your help.

Jen , Physiotherapy Recepionist, November 2017

Thanks again Fiona. Was listening to a fantastic podcast you did with The Pelvic Health Podcast yesterday. Such great information.

 Eliza, Physiotherapist November 2017

Thanks again for your great follow-up communication.

R, Customer November 2017

Thank you so much for your help Fiona! Answers all my questions.

K, Customer September 2017

Thanks! And I managed to get to your cones podcast, thanks heaps for your help.

Anna, Physiotherapist July 2017

Hi Fiona, Thank you so much. This is all very helpful and I shall be purchasing the Continence in the next few days.

C, Customer July 2017

Hello Fiona Received my machines. Thank you for all your help and advice

Physiotherapist June 2017

Thanks for your honesty....love your site... Look forward to recommending you...

Brande, Physiotherapist June 2017

Hi Fiona, I just wanted to send a quick email because I think it is always nice to pass on positive feedback, I know you would receive it often but I really love your website and the information/instructions on there that are so patient friendly! It is so nice having a one stop shop to direct patients to buy things directly from as I don’t have everything in stock all the time and they’ve even passed on positive feedback and been amazed at the products on there! Also, I emailed you last year about the Contiform and you provided some tips. I have used it plenty since then and have luckily had success with all of the fits thus far – the women love it! So thank you so much for answering my questions at the time.

Kate, Physiotherapist May 2017

Hi Fiona, Thank you for your thoughtful and detailed response. Your information is very clear and helpful. I will definitely look into the machine you have advised. I really appreciate your advice.

Kate, Customer April 2017

That is a nice surprise Fiona! Thank you so much for the service

Jane, Physiotherapist April 2017

Hello Fiona,  thank you so much for contacting me this morning. I was so grateful to be able to discuss this with a professional instead of blindly purchasing a product I may have considered appropriate .

F, Customer March 2017

Thank you very much for your reply, caring and respected companies like you are few and far between.

Debbie, Customer March 2017

Thank you once again for all your great information. I will follow up with my physio  option for me.  Thanks once again for your wonderful customer service.

R, Customer February 2017

Hi Fiona -Received my order this morning. Wow that was so quick. Thank you so much.

C, Customer January 2017

I’ve found your responses and your website very helpful and usable for both us and our patients so have been happy to recommend you to our Supply. Keep up the good work!

Alice, Physiotherapist January 2017

That's alright! Thank you so much for keeping on top of it for me . I really appreciate it!! I'd heard your customer service was fantastic and it has been so thank you!!

R, Customer January 2017

Hi Fiona/ Craig, Thank you so much for such Prompt service, thats great.

Kathy, Physio receptionist , December 2016

Thank you! I  only ordered yesterday and received my package today! Cheers!

C, Customer November 2016

Thanks for the explanation. This makes it clear now.

D, Customer November 2016

That is so cool! Thank you – I really appreciate this unbelievably great service! 

J, Customer November 2016

Thanks Fiona, Thats so helpful! And thank you so much for the really quick reply. 

K, Customer October 2016

I really appreciate that, thank you so much!

M, Customer October 2016

Excellent follow up service too thank you.

D, Customer October 2016

Thank you so much Fiona. So lovely of you to take time out of your very busy schedule to help me. I truly appreciate it.

Alison, Physiotherapist October 2016

Thank you so much Fiona for your attention to detail and appreciate the refund offered. Looking forward to dealing with you again.

Susanna, Physiotherapist October 2016


Hi Fiona – that’s fantastic! Thank you so much for your excellent customer service. Will be shopping with you a lot in the future.

Rebecca, Physiotherapist October 2016

Hi Fiona! Yes thank you!  That is so sweet of them and also you. I honestly think that your company is one of the best e-tail experiences ever – the only other ones I can think of as quick, pleasant and efficient are iHerb and Mecca Cosmetica…Also, the Elvie is amazing –the feedback is just brilliant and it kind of gamifies the whole process.

J, Customer October 2016

Thank you very much!! It was a lead problem - all fixed now! Really appreciate your very prompt and clear feedback, thank you! PS - often recommend my patients to buy equipment from you - great company to work with - thank you!!

Dale, Women's Health Physiotherapist September 2016

Just a quick thank you for sending my order so promptly and also for the enclosed sample of Yes WB.  It was much appreciated.

J, Customer September 2016

Thanks Fiona! Prompt as always

Luthile , Women's Health Physiotherapist September 2016

Hi Fiona,Thanks very much for the above information on your electrical stimulation devices.  That has been very helpful - the information you provide on your website is also wonderful. Really appreciate it.

Jess, Physiotherapist August 2016

Hi Fiona,Thanks very much. Fabulous response as usual.

Jane , Physiotherapist August 2016

I'm so grateful for such prompt service! Thank you so much everything is working fabulously again.

Customer July 2016

Really appreciate all your help. You're fabulous, thanks so much. I'll let you know how I go.

Customer July 2016

Hi and thank you Fiona Kind and much appreciate gesture.

Customer July 2016

Thanks so much, I really appreciate you taking the time to write so much!

Customer June 2016

Thanks very much ! You guys are so efficient and make things so easy for us. Much appreciated!

Sonia, Women's Health physio June 2016

Thanks Fiona  - we received them this morning! Thankyou for your assistance, and I’ve enjoyed exploring your products on your website more these last few weeks too. Look forward to doing business again!

Alice, Health Professional June 2016

Hi Fiona, Yes it works! Love it so easy to work and this one connected straight away. Thanks for all your help in replacing it.

H, Customer June 2016

Thank you for your excellent service.  Regards, Karen.

Health Professional April 2016

You are so fast and so helpful!

Elizabeth, Women's Health Physio April 2016

Hi Craig,Thank you very much for this. Your prompt follow up care is greatly appreciated.

Karen, Customer April 2016

Thanks for such excellent customer service! I received the order today.

Physiotherapy Practice April 2016

Thank you so much Fiona - the parcel arrived the following day - what great service!! Thanks for being so efficient.

Women's Health Physiotherapist April 2016

Thanks!  I came across your website and actually could relate to the tight pelvic floor muscles and their effect on bowel/bladder issues.

Site visitor March 2016

Hi Fiona Thank you so much – what great customer service! I really appreciate it and will make sure to log in correctly as a health professional next time we order.

Physiotherapist January 2016

Wow! Love the service Fiona.

Women's Health Physio November 2015

Dear Craig and Fiona, Just to say thank you for the effort you put into tracking down my order this morning. It was very much appreciated.

Katrina , Physio Practice November 2015

Thank you, Fiona.  I tested it again last night, and it does appear to be working.  Obviously takes a bit of getting used to!!! Well done to you and your staff for your customer service!  I am very impressed. Thank you also to Craig who rang me yesterday.  It is very unusual nowadays, it shouldn't be, but it is. I will certainly recommend your products to anyone who may have the need! Kind Regards and many thanks again.

Customer November 2015

Hi Fiona, My order arrived yesterday. Super service! Many thanks.

Bronwyn, Women's Health Physiotherapist October 2015

Thanks, Fiona, I appreciate all your help.

Customer September 2015

Good morning Craig, Thank you so much for  the Pelvic Floor Exercise DVDs. As you can imagine we have constant requests for assistance with Pelvic Floor Exercises and hopefully these DVDs will assist greatly.  Your support and prompt assistance with our request is greatly appreciated.

Rob, Prostate Cancer Support Group August 2015

Hi Craig and Fiona, Just wanted to say how great you guys are. Getting things out in the post so so quickly. Received our order at 9.30 this morning after only ordering yesterday afternoon.
Keep up the great work!

Katrina, Women's Health Physiotherapist July 2015

Many thanks for the refund, which is much appreciated.  It’s not often that one gets this sort of service so it was a pleasant surprise! (in relation to cheaper postage available)

Customer, July 2015

Hello Craig, Just to say thanks very much. It got here today, as per the plan.We will pick it up tomorrow. Fantastic service, thanks again.

Customer, July 2015

Thanks for that Craig, excellent service as always!

Tara , Women's Health Physiotherapist May 2015


Thank you very much for getting back to me. I wasn't able to find information about its safety through pregnancy so this clears things up for me. 

Customer May 2015

I have received my order Craig. Thank you again for all your help

Customer February 2015

 I just placed an order for 12 probes via your online store. Thanks so much!  Another company are now charging $46 each for the probes as well as a two week wait time!  Thanks for being so reasonable!

Alice, Women's Health Physiotherapist November 2014


Thanks Fiona, No worries at all, you always have amazing customer service so I can certainly cope with some teething problems!

Women's Health Physiotherapist November 2014

Thank you Fiona for your response and decision. Thank you for your prompt and excellent patient satisfaction approach.

Dale, Women's Health Physiotherapist October 2014

Hi Craig, Thank you.  You have been very helpful.
Regards,Tracey, customer August 2014

Hi Fiona Thanks so much for your prompt response! Much appreciated :-)
Zoe, Women's Health Physiotherapist June 2014

Thanks Fiona, you always have amazing customer service
Women's Health Physiotherapist QLD November 2014

My friend has a pelvic floor exerciser and said it has helped a lot so I thought I would look them up via Google - your website was the most thorough and informative....thanks!
Customer October 2014

Thank you for your prompt and excellent patient satisfaction approach
Women's Health Physiotherapist TAS October 2014

Always such wonderful service from you guys…thankyou
Physiotherapy Practice ACT May 2014

Awesome thanks for your speedy reply and fantastic customer service
Claire, Women's Health Physiotherapist April 2014

Hi Fiona, Thank you so much, really good service and very helpful.
Liddy, Women's Health Physiotherapist, April 2014

Hello Fiona and Craig, congratulations on your newsletter. It looks really good, very interesting, very informative
Health Professional March 2014

I appreciate your advice and great that you have set up your business to help all us PF Physios!!
New Zealand Women's Health Physiotherapist, March 2014

Thank you guys for being so awesome!! I wouldn't order anywhere else !
Lori Forner , Physiotherapist Women's Health March 2014

Hi Craig, We just received them today. Thanks so much! You guys go above and beyond.
Physiotherapist QLD, March 2014

Dear Fiona, The package has arrived, thank you. I appreciate you following up on this order and keeping me informed.  Now I just have to do the exercises! Thanks again.
Customer February 2014

Thanks Fiona - great service
Customer October 2013

Thanks for your super service
Physiotherapy Practice QLD September 2013

Thank you very much for your efficient service
Physiotherapist Singapore September 2013

Hi June just letting you know that the tens machine has arrived Thank you so so much I will be recomending you wherever I can
Customer August 2013

Thanks so much: I love that you guys are stocking such good products
Women's Health Physiotherapist NZ Jul 2013

Hi Fiona, Thanks so much for your email. We have received your products and are very excited to commence this service at our clinic. Thank you for offering advice if we need it. We are very appreciative and will be sure to contact you if necessary.
Women's Health Physiotherapist in private practice Jul 2013

Your site is very comprehensive, and I will return for ongoing info
Customer Jul 2013

Thank you. Very much appreciated.
Women's Health Physiotherapist Jun 2013

Thanks Fiona for all of your helpful information.
Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist May 2013

 I cannot thank you enough for this. I've been going through so much trouble with my medical issues but your kindness has just made my day.
Customer May 2013

Thanks Fiona. I appreciate your advice.
Women'sHealth Physiotherapist May 2013

Thank you so much for your efficient service I will certainly recommend your business to any of my friends who have similar problems.
Customer April 2013

Hello Craig, you are wonderful! Thank you so much.
Physiotherapist April 2013

Thanks Craig for rectifying the order so quickly.
Women's Health Physiotherapist April 2013

You’re a dear girl!  Thank you for your time on the phone and also the leaflet you sent me with your own helpful additions...very kind regards
Customer Mar 2013

Yes, it arrived safe and sound. Thanks for your wonderful after sale service!
Customer Feb 2013

I am sending this mail to express my gratitude for being received your product on Friday.  I am extremely happy with your service that your delivery of the product was within the 15 days of time that you have given in your website.  I hope the PFXA will significantly improve my bowel control and will make my future life more happier.
Customer Nov 2012

Thanks sooo much- you are wonderful!!!
Customer Jul 2012

I was just emailing to say THANK YOU for helping me. This product has changed my life - thank you.
Customer Jun 2012

Thank you very much, it has been very nice dealing with you, excellent service , very pleasant.thank you for your lovely personal service and for fixing it for me, it's great to have such wonderful service as often, once you've bought something they don't care anymore.
Customer Jun 2012

That was very generous of you, you didn't have to as it was my fault for not adding it with the others in the first place. But thank you, your kindness is appreciated. I received my order today such fast delivery it's great!
Customer April 2012

Thank you so much for your support.
Customer Jan 2012

Thank you for a very informative website, explaining in detail exactly which pelvic floor exerciser is suitable for a number of different problems.
Customer Nov 2011

Thanks so much for getting back to me so promptly. As soon as I read your email, I knew exactly what to do. You were right ... both my physio and I were trying to clip it to the side of the circle ! I very much appreciate your after sales service and would like to congratulate and thank you for your efforts.
Customer Sep 2011

Dear Fiona,Thank you so much for taking the time to email me when you do not have any obligation. Thank you for being such a kind person and your husband for listening.
Customer Sep 2011

Have been giving your brochures to various patients . I have found you guys very helpful  and knowledgeable so are getting my patients to order directly.
Women's Health Physiotherapist Australia Sep 2011

Fiona, Thank you so much for your prompt return call and so much information. As you will see I have placed an order for all the goodies we talked about. I can't wait to start! In the meantime, I shall be doing my best with my new knowledge, equipment and DVD!! Thank you again. I shall certainly recommend your service if the occasion presents.
Customer Aug 2011

Kia Ora Liz, Thank you so much for your email putting me in touch with the supplier of the Hab-it DVD in Australia. I contacted them and the service was fantastic, as was the service from you. I have now received my DVD and love it. For the first time I feel hopeful that I can reverse my prolapse and return to all my normal activities. 
Thanks again, I really appreciate the great information and the fabulous DVD.
Passed on from  Habit-It supplier US Jul 2011

Hi June – much excitement here yesterday!  A parcel in my mailbox at last!  Thank you for our extra gift – that was very kind of you.  And thank you June, for your professionalism and excellent communication throughout  this process, I have been very impressed. And please thank Fiona for her  kind advice regarding  Pilates and pelvic floors.
Customer Mar 2011

 Thank you very much for replying.  You are to be congratulated for answering my phone message and then emailing promptly.  Your business deserves to do well. 
Customer Mar 2011

Hi Fiona, I received my replacement sensors today, thank you so much, I am greatly impressed at the service I have received
Customer Feb 2011.

Many thanks for your email and for so much advice ! I am very grateful for your professional approach and for all the referral information.
I have made contact with a Physio in Sydney (via the website you recommended) who specialises in womens health and I look forward to easing my concerns about my pelvic floor issues. I couldn't have come this far without your advice, thank you kindly.
  Customer  Jan 2011

You are doing incredible work, thank you! Thank you so very much for your outstanding contributioins to Women's Health.
US physio Sept 2010

I just checked out your website - well done - I love it.
NZ physio July 2010

I have been very impressed with your website, and your reply shows your customer service is excellent too.
Australian specialist physio June 2010

I just wanted to thank you for your efficiency. My cousin who lives in country Victoria has received the PFX2 and can now bring it to me in France.
European customer May 2010

I think your website is a great service!
Australian customer Feb 2010

I must stay your website is one of the most interesting and easy to navigate through. I was like a child in a candy store, not knowing which link to chose next!
UK health professional Jan 2010

[The PFX2] has made a big difference to the amount of control I have.
NZ customer Jan 2010

On behalf of the Continence & Women's Health Group committee of the Australian Physiotherapy Association, I would like to thank you for your assistance and generous donation of brochures and products for our door prizes. .... Your time, effort and generosity are sincerely appreciated.
C&WHG committee member Dec 2009

I bought some Luna balls from you recently. I am amazed at the difference already. I had stress incontinence. When I had a full bladder and coughed or sneezed I was in trouble! I now find I can hold more urine more easily. My husband has also noticed a difference with my vaginal tone.
I hadn't expected the balls to work so quickly and I am very pleased. I am a Midwife and I feel this product would be great for some of our Mums trying to regain pelvic floor tone after their babies are born.
NZ customer Nov 2009

I think you make a great product.
Australian customer Oct 2009

Great website - informative and easy to use.
NZ customer Oct 2009

I really was impressed with your quick service.
Australian customer July 2009

Thank you very much for your prompt reply. We both have found your response very professional and she has passed your website to several of her friends who have similar issues, so hopefully you will get some business from dealing with her so well.
Australian specialist physiotherapist on behalf of patient June 2009

Just wanted to say thankyou for your extremely prompt and efficient service. It's great in this day and age to receive good customer service.
Australian customer May 2009

I had been browsing for some time but with the keyword "kegel" and had found mainly overseas websites which were more expensive or had products of dubious quality. I'm glad I persisted and found a legitimate site with quality information.
Australian customer May 2009

Finally, I would again like to thank you for your customer service.. I will certainly recommend your products to all my girlfriends.
Australian customer April 2009

I find your service very helpful and I can trust your business as opposed to some of the websites that some things are sold on.
NZ physiotherapist March 2009

It's a brilliant website.  I'm thrilled to have found it and very excited to have access to these products. 
Australian customer March 2009

I ordered a wobble cushion for my work chair and it has been such a success the whole office is gradually getting them and our nurses are recomending them to patients thank you for such a great product.
Australian customer March 2009

Thanks for a great service and good to have dilators closer to home than USA
NZ specialist physiotherapist March 2009

Thanks for the great website and patient education.
US medical and sex therapy group Feb 2009

Your information and prices are amazing!!
Australian customer Feb 2009

Thank you so much for your quick response and for your very informative explanation regarding both products. I certainly appreciate your honesty and your helpfulness. You've been wonderful!
US customer Feb 2009

I think you have a great website and service
VIC physio specialising in women's health Feb 2009

Just a quick email to thank you for your efficient service. I received the PFX2 within 2 days of ordering, so I was very impressed!
QLD customer Dec 2008

I have ordered from you before. I was trying to research a solution to my own problem. I have found that ownership has given me control and direction. It has got me to experiment, rather than take the set message and it has increased my success. Personally I just love vaginal weights. These things need to be demystified and out there.
Australian customer Dec 2008

Thanks so much for your wonderful service!
QLD customer Dec 2008

Thank you so very much - you are a life saver!!
ACT customer Nov 2008

Thank you for your website and for the organized and helpful manner in which you present your products.  The Youtube video of the PFX2 was especially helpful.
US Customer Nov 2008

I forgot to tell you how much I enjoyed your news letter and the reference material contained therein. Keep up the fantastic work.
NSW Physiotherapist specialist in women's health Nov 2008

I frequently refer patients to your website to purchase material.
WA Physiotherapist Nov 2008

Thanks for having such a easy to navigate and informative website.
NSW customer Nov 2008

Thank you for offering such useful products for sale.
US customer, Oct 2008

THANK YOU for your wonderful newsletter and your very informative and helpful website.
US customer Nov 2008

I often give your brochure to my patients. They are thrilled when your products arrive in a day or two, and even include a free booklet with them too. Thank you very much, it's a great service.
QLD Physio specialising in women's health Aug 2008

Pelvic Floor Exercise™ provides an excellent service promoting pelvic floor strength, education and support to clients in the community and I would personally recommend them to people needing this assistance.
Qld Continence Adviser, Sept 2008

PelvicFloor Exercise™ is an excellent resource of information and equipment designed specifically to assist women in maximizing their pelvic floor function.
QLD Physio specialising in women's health, Sept 2008

the PFX2 arrived today...in only two days!!!...
NSW customer, July 2008

Thank you very much for your prompt , and very informative service.
Australian physio specialising in women's health, currently practising overseas, June 2008

Thank you so much for your prompt reply and action.
QLD customer, April 2008

Once again thanks for your time and great service
NSW customer, April 2008

I have only done three sessions with the Pelvexiser (now renamed PX-IQ) but have already noticed an improvement. And, it's odd as I have done kegels for years but this has already created a noticeable difference...I am actually talking about orgasms...So, am thinking of buying them for my female friends!
Pelvexiser purchaser, Aug 07

[The urogynaecologist] did emphasise the importance of continued practice but the thing is nobody wants to admit that they can't feel a thing, and don't know where those muscles are and sometimes you wonder if the person you are consulting really knows much more than you do. It's much more likely that I will continue a program of pelvic floor exercises now that I actually know what I am doing and can feel something.
VIC customer, June 2007

I have found out where my pelvic floor muscles really are.  And this is at age 49, after numerous visits to gps, gynaecologists and even a physio.  I've been using the unit for only 2 days and it was absolutely amazing to feel those muscles contract with the electrode....oh .....so that's it!!!! I have "joined in" as the leaflet puts it, and have found a noticeable improvement in the urge and frequency departments already....I could sit through a 2 hour meeting this morning without a break for the loo. I've even been able to do that thing where you lift everything up to stop the urge. I couldn't believe it.
Pericalm purchaser, Feb 07.

The [Pericalm] unit works really well and patients find it very simple to use.
Brisbane physiotherapist. March 07