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Herasphere Pregnancy Club

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Pregnancy Club is a new and exciting physiotherapist-designed program to support you through your pregnancy journey. As a club member, you will receive access to exercise and educational videos that are relevant to your stage of pregnancy. You will also receive additional support from live webinars and a private Facebook community. As your pregnancy progresses, the information and support you will receive from the program moves with you so you are always getting the best information and exercises to do at the right time. The whole program can be done from comfort of your own home with minimal equipment. No fighting traffic, finding parking and waiting around to start an exercise class. And, you can do the classes at times that suit you

Herasphere Pregnancy Club is unique because :

  1. The program has been designed by a qualified Physiotherapist.
      Marika more than 15 years of clinical experience. She understand the effects of pregnancy on the body and how exercises can be adjusted to take into account common issues. Because she teaches these classes regularly, she also knows the ways that people cheat, so she will be giving you lots of reminders on good technique!
  2. Pregnancy Club covers different facets of exercise: strength, flexibility, core work and aerobic exercise.
    Most programs cover just one of these elements, so you would have to go to many different classes to get the same benefits. Marika says "To be honest, I got really bored of pregnancy DVDs when I was pregnant – there was no way that I could do the same program for 9 months! I have given you lots of variety in here, so you not only work from top to tail, but you won’t get bored!"
  3. It can be done in the comfort of your own home, with minimal equipment. You can even do it in your pyjamas if you like!
  4. The exercise videos are around 30 minutes in length, so you will not need hours every day to feel a difference.
  5. This program isn’t just about physiotherapy stuff. There are also education sessions about things like c-sections, due dates, raspberry leaf tea and birth plans/preferences.
  6. Regular live webinars hosted by Herasphere, for any questions and updates on the program.
  7. You get to join a private Facebook community where you can share your tips and talk about your hopes/fears/experiences with other mums-to-be.


To learn more click HERE or on any of the links above which will take you to the Herasphere website.
All regsitrations are done through Herasphere, we are just providing the link for you because we think this is such a great program.
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