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Femmax Vaginal Dilators


Brand: MDT Code: 4006




Femmax Vaginal Dilators

Designed by a British cancer nurse and now used widely across the British NHS system, FEMMAX® vaginal dilators were initially developed to address the clinical risks for women who acquire vaginal adhesions following gynaecological surgery and radiotherapy treatment.

Since then the use of Femmax has been extended (under clinical supervision) to women suffering from vaginismus and related conditions, to help train their vaginal muscles to relax without fear and pressure.

The FEMMAX® vaginal dilator set consist of 4 dilators - graduated in size and length to allow a natural progression (see specifications)

FEMMAX® vaginal dilators are safe, easy and convenient to use. The set is easily stored, with the four dilators sliding inside each other and fitting neatly into a discreet and portable case that protects the dilators.

The innovative unique screw-together design means that each vaginal dilator acts as a handle to the next size up.

Femmax vaginal dilators are supplied with full instructions for use and a complimentary CD.
The CD provides the instructions in visual format together with relaxation music, enabling the user to create an appropriate environment for using the dilators in order to maximise the physical and psychological benefits of treatment.

The FEMMAX® vaginal dilator set is a highly innovative product, developed by clinical professionals within the National Health Service to provide a cost effective product that offers value for money, encourages greater compliance and improves treatment and quality of life for women of all ages


Download our physiotherapist guided advice on using your vaginal dilators

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No.1 dilator 35mm diameter (circumference 120mm); insertable length 110mm
No.2 dilator 27mm diameter (circumference 100mm); insertable length 110mm
No.3 dilator 20 mm diameter (circumference 80mm); insertable length 107mm
No.4 dilator 15mm diameter (circumference 60mm);, insertable length 103mm
(Dilators feature a very slight taper; circumferences measured at point approx 10mm from base)

Pink: POM, plastic dilators with sachets of natural drug free lubricant
All caps are in PP material

CE Marked and FDA regulation no. 884.4530. Conforms to ISO 13485

FEMMAX® vaginal dilator set is a medical grade product but dilators are not manufactured under sterile conditions and we therefore recommend cleaning before initial use.

Femmax vaginal dilators are manufactured under controlled conditions from durable, high quality material.
Femmax are recommended for use by a single user only and the set should be replaced if a component becomes scratched or damaged in any way.

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