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Life-Care Vaginal Electrode

Life-Care Vaginal Probe





Life-care Vaginal Probe

  • This electrode replaces the Veriprobe. It is the same quality and value for money but a slightly different shape for better fit for pelvic floor anatomy
  • Rounded end , tapered for improved fit and stays in place during treatment .
  • Lightweight, improved shape
  • Single person use only


The Life-care vaginal electrode is a comfortable, internal vaginal electrode with side -positioned stainless steel contact plates. It can be used for both EMG Biofeedback and electrical stimulation ( NMES, E-stim)
It is of light hollow construction with an electrode plate on either side , positioned to contact the levator plate ( deep layer of pelvic floor muscles ) when inserted in the vagina.

It is suitable for use with  the Pericalm , Pelvitone and Continence electrical stimulation devices.
It can also be used with the Peritone and Simplex EMG biofeedback devices and any other devices with 2mm connectors.

The Life-care is designed for single person use and should not be autoclaved. It is manufactured from medical grade materials but not in guaranteed sterile conditions and we therefore recommed cleaning before initial use.Thereafter, ensure that you clean the Life-care before and after each use. Let it dry and return it to its plastic bag and store in a safe dry place.

Do not use if pregnant, during your period, or if you have a vaginal infection. Seek advice if you have prolapse . Before using electrical stimulation for the pelvic floor check HERE for further contraindications.


  • Cable length: 25cm, to be used with our standard leadwire which makes all together about 1m 40 cm from the probe to the device.
  • Terminations: standard "pigtail" 2mm diameter pins.
  • Dimensions: length 76 mm, diameter 28 mm.
  • Weight: 23.1 g
  • CE Marked

The metal electrodes contain a percentage of Nickel which may cause a allergic reaction in case of oversensitivity for Nickel


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