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Elvie your personal pelvic floor trainer
Elvie your personal pelvic floor trainer
Elvie your personal pelvic floor trainer
Elvie your personal pelvic floor trainer


Brand: ChiaroCode: ELVIEAU


Elvie: a quality realtime feedback device for your pelvic floor exercises.

Elvie is a beautiful new biofeedback device, based on bluetooth technology, developed by British company Chiaro who used a world class team combining the expertise of a head engineer from Dyson and a co-founder of Jawbone (the market leader in wearable technology). Together, they have set new standards for women’s technology, recently winning "Best R&D Award" at The Design Museum in London.

From a women's health physio point of view, knowing that world renowned pelvic floor researcher Dr Kay Crotty was also involved in the development of Elvie is reassuring of the quality of this product..

It is hard to exercise muscles you can't see. Without feedback, you simply don't know how you're doing - kind of like trying to lose weight without a scale.
Elvie has designed and patented a new way to measure force so that women can visualise their pelvic floor or kegel exercises in real-time.

From the Elvie site:

Kegel products are often designed from existing sex toys which can be too big or uncomfortable. We started from scratch to find the perfect shape that you could, and would, use anywhere.Every aspect of the design has been meticulously considered based on feedback from 150 women and counting. We know you want small, discreet and custom sizing. The result is a product created by women, for women
               Less mindless squeezing, more measureable results.


How does Elvie work?

  • The small pod- shaped Elvie is inserted into the vagina with the tail sitting against your pubic bone. It is the tail that emits the Bluetooth signal.
  • Elvie is made of phalate free body safe silicone which is very smooth and comfortable to wear internally.
  • It comes with an extra sleeve, which fits over the body of the Elvie, for those who feel they need a slightly larger fit.
  • Once inserted it connects to your smartphone via Low Energy Bluetooth ( which is lower emission than standard Bluetooth) and steps you through an individualised exercise session.
  • The technology within Elvie utilises accelerometers . The top surface measures force exerted and the patented system of force and motion sensors within the Elvie can detect very small changes in force exerted by the wearer when contracting the pelvic floor muscles.
  • Elvie detects an incorrect contraction if the user moves Elvie caudally (towards the feet or outwards as in bearing down instead of lifting up) more than 15 degrees. This triggers messaging in the App promting the user to try again.
  • The App contains a help section for information on how to correctly perform pelvic floor contractions and also prompts the user to seea women's health physiotherapist if they continue to encounter difficulties.


All you require is a smartphone to get started. Elvie is compatible with:

  • iPhones 4S, 5 and 6 and newer
  • Android phones 4.3 and above which support Bluetooth Low Energy.


What do you receive with your Elvie order?

  • Elvie : exercise tracker
  • Carry case (doubles as a charger)
  • USB charging cable
  • Optional cover for custom sizing
  • Free iPhone and Android app




Elvie uses Bluetooth Low Energy at 2.4 gigahertz.
Bluetooth devices are extremely low powered- less than a cordless phone and approximately 100 times less than the maximum power of a mobile phone.
It's due to this fact that most wireless healthcare and medical devices use Bluetooth.
Elvie uses Bluetooth Low Energy, which offers an even lower emission than standard Bluetooth. In addition, Bluetooth emits from the tail of Elvie which always remains outside the body.


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