Introductory course Electrical Stimulation for Pelvic Health
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Introductory Basic Version of Electrical Stimulation for Pelvic Health


Brand: PHS


This course is being presented LIVE ONLINE through Pelvic Health Solutions in Canada.

* Please note the course price is  in CAD not AUD 


May 28th 2021  6-9 pm ET (Canadian)  
which equates to Saturday morning 29th May here in Australia.


November 26th 3-6pm ET  
which equates to Saturday 27th 6 - 9am AEST (Qld time) and approximately 9pm London time - check your time zone converter

Check your local time zone for equivalent. Details for course time and outline are on the link.


This is a 3 hour basic version of my full course which is also available online HERE. It is an introduction to electrical stimulation and neuromodulation techniques for pelvic health conditions. If you then wish to go on to complete the full in-depth course in which I go into much greater detail and also present the research background to the topic, you will be given a code to gain access at a special reduced price.

I hope this piques your interest and encourages you to look deeper into it. Neuromodulation research is surging and is definately a topic you need to be comfortable with as a health professional treating pelvic conditions.


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