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Intimate Rose Pelvic Wand


Brand: Intimate Rose Code: ITRW



Intimate Rose Pelvic Wand

This uniquely designed pelvic wand is covered in silky smooth, medical-grade silicone.
It was created by a pelvic physical therapist to relieve tension points in the pelvic floor muscles, including the most deep and hard to reach obturator internus and puborectalis muscles.
Uniquely sized ends are perfect for females and males.
Shaped to reach both superficial and deep pelvic floor muscles for relief of pelvic pain.


  • made from body-safe medical grade BPA-free silicone 
  • the only wand on the market made from silicone
  • designed so that each end is uniquely sized and shaped and can be used either vaginally ( females) or rectally (males and females) for the treatment of muscle tension in the pelvic floor
  • the silky smooth silicone coating ensures comfortable insertion and removal
  • shaped to reach both superficial and deep pelvic floor muscles

The Intimate Rose Pelvic Wand can be used for:

  • Vaginismus
  • Vestibulodynia
  • Pelvic floor tension myalgia (painful, tight pelvic floor muscles)
  • Persistent/chronic pelvic pain
  • Levator Ani Syndrome
  • Dyspareunia (painful penetrative sex)


  •  It is recommended that you only use water-based lubricant with your silicone wand. Do NOT use a silicone based lubricant.
  • Wash after every use in warm soapy water, rinse and air dry then store in the supplied carry bag


​Width : 

Larger end = 1.9cm (19.05mm) 
Smaller end = 1.27cm (12.7mm)

What you get

  • Intimate Rose pelvic wand
  • Convenient and discrete velvet storage bag
  • Instruction manual




Product Features

Made from medical grade, BPA-free silicone 

Width : Larger end = 1.9cm (19.05mm)
             Smaller end = 1.27cm (12.7mm)


1 Year


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