The Prostate Playbook by Craig Allingham
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The Prostate Playbook by Craig Allingham


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The Prostate Playbook

Information and strategies to reduce prostate cancer onset and progression. Powerful strategies to improve your game and outplay prostate cancer!

For men, prostate cancer is the second most common cancer and probably the one that strikes the most fear as the treatment often results in symptoms worse and more life-changing than the actual cancer. Far better to not need treatment in the first place, which is exactly what this book will help with.

A/Prof. Craig Allingham is a leading men's health physiotherapist keen to avoid prostate cancer surgery or radiation despite his genetic risk of the disease. He has researched the strategies all men can use to prevent, suppress and undermine prostate cancer by modifying their inputs, outputs and throughputs. 

The Prostate Playbook is your strategic guide to living prostate cancer free and thus avoiding the side-effects of treatment such as incontinence, erectile dysfunction and depression.  It is a daily playbook to keep your prostate. Healthy.

The book has 79 pages is divided into sections:

  • Keep it. Healthy
  • Why a Playbook?
  • Using this Playbook
  • The Prostate Gland
  • Cancer
  • Active Surveillance
  • Throughput
  • Input
  • Output
  • Premature Congratulations
  • Glossary
  • Surveillance Record



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