Men's Health Week : An interview with A/P Craig Allingham
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Men's Health Week : An interview with A/P Craig Allingham

Yesterday I had the pleasure of sitting down with Men's Health Physiotherapist Craig Allingham to have a chat because it is Men's Health Week 2020.
We don't live far from each other and we had our chairs apart, separated by lovely fiddle leaf fig plant so no social distancing rules were breached in the making of this video!
We didn't realise until we sat down that we had done a rather remarkable, albeit unplanned, job of blending in with the checkered fabric of the chairs.

Craig has written two books for men. One on recovery from prostate cancer surgery Prostate Recovery MAP : Men's Action Plan and the other, more recent one, on how to give yourself the best chance of preventing prostate cancer The Prostate Playbook .

We talk about a range of issues from what led Craig into men's health considering he had a very successful career as a sports physio; how to apply our musculoskeletal clinical reasoning skills to treating men's health issues; some strategies for how to best approach questioning a man about his health; and techniques to engage a male patient.

This chat is relevant to all health workers but also to you, the potential patient, in the hope that it encourages you to get a health check up and to realise that it isn't as scary as it sounds.

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