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PFX/PFX2 Biofeedback Device 

Do you need feedback to see that you are doing your exercises correctly and optimally?

The PFX2 is a pressure biofeeedback device designed for women who are able to contract their pelvic floor already but need help with resistance or feedback that they are actually holding the contraction. It is easily adjusted to your increasing muscle tone and strength, so will cater for progression of your strengthening program. The device uses air to sense the amount of squeeze the pelvic floor muscles are able to exert and displays a reading on the indicator unit. Improvement is measured by increases in the level indicated on the unit's gauge, but to ensure consistent readings, it is important that exercises are done in the same position.This gives you feedback as to how you are progressing, and whether you are doing the correct action. When doing traditional pelvic floor exercises it is easy to lose the tension of a maximal hold. The PFX2 indicates when you are losing tension and provides encouragement for you to re-tension.

The PFX2 can also pick up pressure from your abdomen which may give a false indication of your progress. To avoid this - ensure the correct action by feeling that the sensor dips towards your tailbone when contracting. If you use your stomach muscles to get a reading the opposite will happen , or the sensor will slid out of the vagina.

The PFX2 consists of :

  • an indicator unit
  • a sensor unit incorporating a silicone sheath
  • a connecting tube.  
  • the three parts are packaged in a presentation pack and accompanied by an instruction booklet.
  • Pelvic Floor Exercise also includes guidelines for use developed by our pelvic floor physiotherapist, Fiona Rogers.
  • the three components are easily fitted together. Clear instructions outline how to handle and insert the sensor into the vagina, how to exercise, and how to interpret readings.

Download your expert physiotherapy guidelines for using the PFX

 A small amount of a water-based lubricant can be helpful when inserting the sensor,we recommend YES WB which comes in 50ml and 100ml sizes. It is important to wash this off immediately after use, or it may cause the silicone sheath to lose tension. The PFX2 comes with complete instructions on caring for all components.

The PFX2 is an excellent choice for women who are embarking on an exercise program since, compared with other air pressure devices, its read-out gauge covers a relatively small range. This narrow range means it is easy to see the effect of each "squeeze and hold" contraction. In addition, the PFX2 is very sensitive at the lower end of the range, providing rewarding feedback even to beginners who can only produce a faint muscle movement.

The PFX2 is also an excellent choice of exerciser for women with a prolapse. Read why.

Women using the PFX2 for personal use will rarely have to replace the sensor. Treated properly it should last a lifetime.

We also stock the tubing and sensor for use anally  for women and men experiencing faecal incontinence and for strengthening the male pelvic floor.

The PFX2 is featured in the book Women's Waterworks

Spare Parts available


*Regretfully we are unable to supply this product to the US as it is yet to gain FDA approval



Visual Feedback:

Sheath: 110mm long, 28mm diameter
Connecting tube: approx 750mm
Reading unit: 180mm x 75mm
Box: 260mm x 195mm

Manufacturer's recommendations for use:
10 mins, once or twice a day for building strength; weekly or monthly thereafter for maintenance or follow instruction for your treating health professional. WE PROVIDE A COMPREHENSIVE INSTRUCTION SHEET developed by our pelvic floor physiotherapist to enable you to get the most out of your PFX2

PFX sensors are manufactured from medical grade silicone materials but not in guaranteed sterile conditions and we therefore suggest cleaning before initial use.

The PFX2 should be disconnected after each use, and the sensor and tube washed with soap and water and dried.

The PFX2 is included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods and no GST is payable. All products in our PFX range carry a lifetime guarantee as long as the manufacturer's instructions are followed in their use (sensor only has a 12 month guarantee).

Spare sensors and tubing: Available here

What the professionals say:

PFX . Vaginal and anal pressure biofeedback: it does what it says, it exercises the pelvic floor. Motivates patients who want results, quickly.
Dr Jo Laycock, Physiotherapist, Culgaith Clinic, UK.

"I have used [the] PFX in my practice since [its] inception and [it has] provided an immense difference to the practice of Pelvic Floor rehabilitation. PFX has brought the home program within reach of most of my patients and helps women to comply with their prescribed exercise programmes.

.. the PFX [is] .. great and I have no hesitation recommending these devices to women on a program of pelvic floor rehabilitation or to therapists practising within this discipline."
Pauline Chiarelli, Physiotherapist, NSW, Australia.

"An incredible tool to find and strengthen the 'hidden' pelvic floor. It's fantastic for awareness and motivation, both critical for pelvic floor rehabilitation."
Elizabeth M - Physiotherapist, South Coast NSW Australia

As a Physical Therapist who specializes in the treatment of Pelvic Floor dysfunction, I would like to recommend the Pelvic Floor eXerciser/PFX."
Lynne A. D. Assad, Physical Therapist, Urology Centre, NH, USA

"In my practice, I have found increased compliance with home exercise programs using the PFX".
Beth Shelley, Physical Therapist, Rock Valley Physical Therapy, IL, USA

"....... the PFX assists patients in performing one of the most difficult exercises to teach, the Kegel exercise".
Kathe Wallace, PT, Physical Therapy Resources, WA, USA

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