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Peritron™ Perineometer


Brand: Laborie Code: PRN09302





Peritron™ is a hand-held clinical biofeedback Perineometer used for assessing the strength of the pelvic floor (PF) muscles and teaching pelvic floor exercises. Both vaginal and anal sensors are available. *

This model is the AV which comes with one vaginal and one anal sensor and appropriate tubing. 
In operation, changes in air pressure in the sensor caused by a pelvic floor contraction is transferred by a tube to the readout unit where it is displayed in several ways, providing both audio and visual feedback to help improve muscle strengthe and performance.

Measurement is in cm/H2O

Features and Benefits:

  • Safely and cccurately assess the strength of each pelvic contraction (Kegel)
  • Large display for easy viewing
  • Measuring pressure to 0.1cm/H2O
  • Operating ranhge 0-300 cmH2O
  • Both Audio and Visual feedback
  • Each probe is precision molded medical-grade silicone rubber sheath
  • Auto-zero function provides zero-based readings
  • Easily recalls the most recent, peak and average readings, duration, gradient and area under curve
  • Auto-off feature - turns off automatically
  • Linear and logarithmic biofeedback
  • 12 Month Manufacturer Warranty
  • battery capacity up to 40 hours ( with no audio) and 10 hours (with audiio)


What's included?

The Peritron™ is the AV version and includes the following:

  • Peritron perineometer
  • 1x vaginal sensor
  • 1x vaginal tubing with port
  • 1 x anal sensor
  • 1 x anal tubing
  • Instruction manual on disc


*Regretfully we are unable to supply this product to the US as it is yet to gain FDA approval


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