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Peritone EMG Biofeedback unit


Brand: neen Code: PEMGBU




Now provided with a wireless software kit with Bluetooth adaptor


The Peritone is a hand-held EMG biofeedback device that shows electrical activity of your pelvic floor muscles and can assist with both muscle strengthening AND relaxation training.

Used with any of our electrodes it means you can practise your exercises at home and monitor your improvement.

How does Peritone work?
Muscles emit a tiny electrical current when they contract (measured in microvolts). This activity is picked up through the electrodes and the information is displayed on the Peritone screen - giving you 'biofeedback'. As you contract your pelvic floor muscles you should see the LEDS on the screen light up. As you relax your muscles the LEDs will switch off. You can also use the auditory feedback. Thus it can be used to show you either how well you are contracting your pelvic muscles as well as how well you are relaxing them which will help with strengthening weak muscles as well as down-training hypertonic, or too tight, pelvic floor muscles which can be causing pelvic pain and urinary or bowel dysfunction.

The Peritone will help you to understand your pelvic floor muscles and see how they are improving  over time and help motivate you to continue to do your exercises. If you are using the device under the guidance of a physiotherapist it will allow them to monitor your improvement in between your appointments.

The Peritone is a simple to operate, single channel EMG (electromyography) biofeedback device.It has been specifically developed for ease of use. It can also be effectively used for sports and other general physiotherapy and sports science applications.

The Peritone can be programmed for effective pelvic floor workouts and provides visual and audio feedback on muscle activity as you exercise.

EMG is a technique for measuring muscle activity, and the Peritone, used with a vaginal or anal electrode, measures the muscle activity in the pelvic floor. The Peritone can be set to provide timed workouts, with variable work and rest times, and variable repetitions.

Accurate and sensitive it measures muscle activity as low as 0.2 uVand up to 2000uV

The display screen of the Peritone signals the work and rest intervals. Visual feedback on the level of muscle activity is provided both on the display screen and on the continuous light display. Audio feedback is also available on a variable setting, if desired.

At the end of a workout, the device displays the average muscle readings for the session. It's therefore very easy to judge progress as this figure increases over time.

A physiotherapist using the Peritone with a patient may also choose to "lock" the device in order to track the results of all sessions during a given period of time.

The Peritone is also supplied with a fabric pouch, an EMG lead wire and an EMG reference wire, battery, adhesive electrodes and a detailed instruction booklet. If you are ordering a Peritone, please remember you will also need an electrode . Choose from the our comprehensive range to suit your specific needs.

What is Included

  • Peritone unit
  • Unit stand
  • 2 lead wires
  • 9v battery
  • PC software accessory wireless kit
  • 1 pack 50 x 50 mm adhesive electrodes
  • User manual
  • Soft carry case


The Peritone is supported by a two year manufacturer's warranty from the date of purchase.


US CUSTOMERS PLEASE NOTE: US laws prevent us from supplying electrical devices to US customers. Therefore please do not order the Peritone if you live in the US. Orders placed from US addresses will be refunded, but with the loss of the charges imposed by our payment processing systems.

Visual Feedback: Yes
Adjustable programs: Yes: completely adjustable across all settings. See below for more information.
Adjustable intensity: Not applicable
Vaginal or anal electrode: Not included. Choose from our electrode range to suit your specific needs.
Manufacturer's recommendations for use: For use with the guidance of a Physiotherapist or Doctor.


Manufacturer's Specifications:

  • Range 0.2-2000µv
  • Sensitivity 0.1µv RMS
  • Work rest periods 2-99 sec
  • No of trials 1-99
  • Unit dimensions 128.5 x 64 x 28.3mm
  • Weight 0.15kg



  • Accurate and sensitive - measures activity down to as low as 0.2µv and as high as 2000µv.
  • LEDs display EMG level clearly and easily
  • LCD displays numerical EMG reading and work/rest countdown
  • After each session statistics can be reviewed (includes work and rest averages, average onset of muscle contraction and muscle release)
  • Lock mode function for recording time in use, statistics and locking the units parameters
  • Low cost, high quality and very accurate
  • Used with Periform®+ or Anuform® and surface electrodes (not included)
  • Optional software available
  • Please note that an electrode is not included. You are free to choose the one you prefer from our range.

The Peritone manufacturer states that the unit is intended for use under the guidance of a health professional.

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