PelviBar: premium quality stainless steel vaginal exercise barbell
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PelviBar: premium quality stainless steel vaginal barbell


Brand: Australian Made Code: PBSS



The PelviBar may not be suitable for women with a prolapse, as the prolapse may preclude accurate positioning of a weight device and, in standing, the weight may be too great. Vaginal balls Teneo Uno or biofeedback device PFX2 may be a better choice for those with prolapse.

Stainless steel vaginal barbells have long been recognised as an effective and hygienic means of exercising the pelvic floor muscles. The PelviBar is a premium quality Australian-designed and manufactured stainless steel vaginal barbell designed for active pelvic floor muscle weight training.

The PelviBar builds on our knowledge of how pelvic floor muscles are strengthened and incorporates design features that make it a highly effective pelvic floor exercise device:

  •  3 sections of progressively smaller diameter, offering three challenge levels
  •  each section incorporates sloping shaft to facilitate lift effect, whilst providing maxmimum challenge to hold
  •  sloping shafts across progressively smaller diameters facilitate progressive tightening of the pelvic floor muscles
  •  “waist” feature on widest and medium sections, and “shoulders” on narrowest section, assist correct positioning


 It weighs in at 345g so offers a challenging workout to the pelvic floor for even experienced exercisers, when it is used in a standing position, where the full force of gravity is pulling on the weight.

However by using the PelviBar whilst lying down, and moving through sitting positions where the PelviBar is partly supported, even relatively inexperienced users may use the PelviBar stainless steel vaginal barbell effectively.

As with any exercise program, we advise that you should consult your doctor or physiotherapist before embarking on a new exercise regime to ensure it is suitable for you, and seek their advice if you become concerned at any stage about your symptoms.

The PelviBar stainless steel vaginal barbell is exclusive to Pelvic Floor Exercise™. It is accompanied by clear user instructions, based on the Position Stand on Progression Models in Resistance Training for Healthy Adults (American College of Sports Medicine 2002).


Please note that the PelviBar is manufactured in Australia, unlike most stainless steel products that are made cheaply overseas. We made the decision to support local industry, and we hope you will too.

Visual Feedback:

Adjustable Resistance:
Yes - by positioning

Resistance type:

Weight: 345g,
Length: 135mm
Maximum diameters of 35mm, 28mm and 20mm on the three sections

Manufacturer's recommendations for use:
Use for active weight-training: 8-12 contractions, holding for up to 10 secs. Repeat up to 3 times , on 3-4 days per week with at least one day rest between "exercise" days. 

The PelviBar is manufactured from polished premium quality 316 stainless steel, so it has maximum corrosion resistance.
The packaging also includes a black velveteen drawstring bag for storing your PelviBar.

The PelviBar is not manufactured under sterile conditions and we therefore recommend cleaning before initial use.
The PelviBar is easy to clean, needing just soap and water and thorough drying. It's even dishwasher safe! Just remember to clean it thoroughly before first use.

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