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Phone 07 54770976

This is a message bank please leave a contact number and a suitable time for us to call you back and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please note that due to the personal nature of some enquiries we will NOT leave a message on your answering service unless you have specifically said we can. We will also not leave messages with other people who answer your phone unless you have specifically said we can in your intial message. This is to protect your privacy. If you have not heard from us within 48 hours of contacting us please email us as we may have been trying to do so and missing you .

Please note that EMAIL is our preferred contact method info@pelvicfloorexercise.com.au. We find it is easier in getting responses to you in a timely manner.

Please EMAIL us if you are needing :

the Australia Post tracking number for an order you have placed. info@pelvicfloorexercise.com.au (obtainable from your confirmation email) we will email back the tracking information for you.
information about why you haven't received a confirmation email for an order you have placed. This is either because you have made an error entering your email address when ordering, or because your email system has identified our email as spam, so please check your spam folders. You are welcome to email us to check whether we have received your order.( When we receive returned emails , we make every atttempt to forward to you if we can see the mistake in the address, eg if you have typed gmail.com.au instead of gmail.com)
If you are looking for information on the following , please follow the links to find out more:
advice on product selection (please see choosing an exerciser regarding how to choose a product)

product information which is described in depth for each product on our website.

Our Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist Fiona Rogers is happy to give general advice via email however is unable to give specific advice for your condition. She is unable to diagnose you or make a decision for you by email or phone. Please consult your treating health professional if you are having difficulty.

Postal Address

PO Box 7094
Sippy Downs
Qld 4556


Within Australia 1300 79 44 39
Outside Australia +61 7 3041 6978


We cannot take any responsibility for over seas orders if they are uninsured

Your bank may place a transfer fee which is your responsibility

Customs i and other taxs  are the responsibility of the purchaser

All orders to be ckecked on arrival and any discrepancy we should be notified ASAP (within 5 days)