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Brand: Attivia Code: KEGCO


KegelCore™ is a biofeedback device designed for assisting with pelvic floor muscle strengthening .
It is shaped to fit the contours of your body for optimal feedback via Bluetooth™ to your KegelCore™ App.

The device self -calibrates to personalise your workout leading you through graduated exercise programs which allow you to progress at your own rate with visual feedback on the App.
Follow the on-screen prompts for your tailored workout.
Progress tracking, achievement awards and workout reminders help keep you motivated.Track immediate and long-term results

The app tracks strength, endurance and reaction time, and reports progress giving instant feedback whilst exercising.

Workout types include Strength, Endurance and Relax programs - all of which are important parts of a complete workout.


  • has a built-in, high-accuracy pressure sensor that detects muscle movement
  • is easy to use, just pick it up and it automatically powers on and connects to your smartphone.
  • is made from medical -grade silicone and is free from phthalates, latex and BPA
  • is wire-free, no charging required
  • monitors correct action from feedback on screen and by downward movement ( dip towards tailbone) of the handle as you contract 
  • is powered by one coin cell lithium battery***


WARNING** the KegelCore™ contains a coin cell lithium battery which is harmful if swallowed, keep away from children and pets.

Only use water-based lubricant with your KegelCore™

Do not use  KEGELCORE™  if you:

  • Have abnormal vaginal discharge or bleeding
  • Are pregnant or within 6 weeks of giving birth
  • Have recently had any type of pelvic surgery- wait for surgeon's approval
  • Have symptoms of a bladder or vaginal infection
  • Have a history of urinary retention (difficulty urinating)
  • Have significant vaginal prolapse - you won't be able to position the KegelCore™ for it to work effectively


The team behind KegelCore has more than 10 years’ experience in developing intimate products for women. They worked with women’s health experts including pelvic floor physiotherapists, nurses, midwives, obstetricians, and gynecologists.


One year Warranty

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