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Incostress: for the control of stress incontinence


Brand: C&G Medical Code: IS002T



Urethral support for leaks

IncoStress is a medical device designed to help control urinary stress incontinence in women. Incostress doesn't "cure" stress incontinence but it does help to manage it discreetly by supporting the bladder neck to prevent leaks under pressure such as coughing and sneezing. Women who can benefit from Incostress include:

  • women who are embarking on a pelvic floor exercise program to overcome their stress incontinence, but who are looking for a discreet way to manage their problem for the time it takes to build stronger pelvic floor muscles
  • women who have strengthened their pelvic floor muscles, are happy with their normal dryness, but experience an occasional leak during exercise or sport


Incostress is worn in the vagina, like a tampon, where it naturally places pressure against the urethra (the tube that allows loss of urine from the bladder). This gentle pressure controls the involuntary loss of urine by closing the urethra and helps to restore the natural anatomical position of the urethra, thus reducing stress incontinence.

The ergonomic shape of Incostress allows the pelvic floor muscles to be gently exercised against it while it is in place. The resistance provided by the Incostress can add benefit to pelvic floor contractions.

Incostress is neat, petite and discreet. It is reusable, and is easily cleaned by washing in water. IncoStress is environmentally friendly when compared to using disposable incontinence pads.

Incostress can be used every day or just when needed (for example, during sport or exercise). It can be left in place in the vagina for up to 8 hours, after which it should be removed, washed and not inserted again for a minimum of one hour.

Incostress can be used safely for six months after the opening of the packet, after which a new unit should be purchased. At an average cost of $11 per month, it is a much more economical buy for most women than using incontinence pads.

Read Incostress Instructions for more information under Specifications

Incostress is designed specifically to help control stress incontinence. If you suffer from other types of incontinence, you should talk to your doctor, continence physiotherapist or continence service about whether Incostress is suitable for you.

At present Incostress is available in one size, that is suitable for most women. However some women may find that the Incostress is too small to sit correctly within the vagina, so that it exerts pressure on the urethra. For these women, a product such as Contiform which comes in a range of sizes, may be more appropriate.

How do I tell if the product will be the right size for me? Click here for a quick easy test you can do yourself and for further information.

IncoStress® is made from a medical grade non- allergenic silicone. It is latex free and it holds CE0120 certification. It is manufactured by C&G Medicare Ltd in the UK, and is GST exempt in Australia.
Incostress is manufactured from medical grade materials but not under guarenteed sterile conditions and we therefore recommend cleaning before initial use.

Available in one size:
Diameter 25mm at widest, body length 63mm, tail length 45mm

Instructions for Use:

  • Incostress is inserted into the vagina using the same method as inserting a tampon.
  • Find the most comfortable position for you to begin.
  • Before you insert IncoStress empty your bladder and wash your hands.
  • Remove IncoStress from the packaging and wash in clean water using non-perfumed soap.
  • Normally you should not need lubrication as your body produces it naturally. If you should need extra lubrication use ONLY WATER BASED LUBRICANT
  • Insert IncoStress into the vagina (widest part first)  the device should be inserted about 4 cm. into the vagina leaving the tail accessible at the entrance for easy removal.
  • You may feel the presence of IncoStress but it should not be uncomfortable.
  • However, if you do feel any discomfort, remove, wash and re-insert.
  • Removing : Relax the pelvic muscles, gently pull out IncoStress using the tail.
  • If you find it difficult to retain IncoStress, there may be other medical conditions such as a prolapse, a cyst, or that your pelvic muscles have become too weak (as can occur after childbirth) to keep it in position. In this case we advise that you see your health professional for an assessment and advice
  • If you have any doubts about using this product, we strongly recommend you seek professional medical advice.
  • IncoStress must be removed, cleaned and inspected daily. It may be used for up to 6 months after the package is initially opened.

    C&G Medicare Ltd will not take any responsibility if this product has been used outside recommendations contained in these instructions

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