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The Good Bowel Habit - Pelvic Floor Function and the Bowel


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A must have book for anyone experiencing bowel problems, including constipation.
This is a completely updated and re-written edition of the highly acclaimed "Pelvic Floor Function and the Bowel".
Packed with information and excellent illustrations, this volume covers:

  • Bowel function and anatomy
  • The role of the pelvic floor muscles
  • Bowel problems and their management, including constipation, faecal incontinence, pain conditions, and specific bowel disorders
  • Suggestions on ways to improve bowel function and pelvic floor strengthening
  • Practical strategies for coping


The book is intended as a simple, self-help guide to improve understanding of constipation, difficult bowel evacuation and faecal incontinence.
It opens with the following quote:


   " I have finally kum to the konklusion, that a godd reliable sett ov bowels iz worth more tu a man, than enny quantity of brains"
     Josh Billings 1866


Dr Robyn Nagel is a gastro-enterologist in practice in Toowoomba, Qld and Shirley Owen is a retired women's health physiotherapist. Between them they have 30 years' experience in their fields.
As well as bringing their outstanding professional knowledge, they also discuss these difficult issues with a sense of empathy with those who are experiencing problems.


Full colour photographic illustrations are used throughout.




  1. Introduction
  2. A good bowel habit
  3. Difficult bowel habits
  4. How does the bowel function?
  5. Clinical assessment
  6. The pelvic floor- what is it?
  7. The pelvic floor - more about the muscles
    - muscle tone
    - pelvic floor outlet muscles
    - pelvic platform muscles
  8. The pelvic floor, core stability and the abdominal cylinder
  9. Pelvic floor weakness - the descent begins
  10. Pelvic floor weakness - signs and symptoms
    - Urinary
    - Vaginal
    - Uterine
    - Bowel
    - Clinical evaluation of the pelvic floor
  11. Pelvic floor weakness - who is at increased risk?
  12. Constipation
    - simplpe constipation
    - slow transit
    - obstructed defaecation
  13. Faecal Incontinence
    - central control / local control / causes / assessment / management /
  14. Pain around the back passage
    - anal fissure / haemorrhoids / vulval varicosities / proctalgia fugax / levatot ani syndrome / coccydynia / anismus
  15. Pressure in the bowel
    - diverticulitis / irritable bowel syndrome / flatulence
  16. How to imporve bowel function
    - planning a toilet routine / improving the consistency of the stool / specific exercises and evacuation techniques
  17. Strengthening of the pelvic floor
    - why do we do these exercises? / posture / abdominal exercises / pelvic floor muscles / relaxation techniques for pelvic floor muscles
  18. The pelvic floor training routine - PAP
  19. Technique for emptying the bowel - POP
  20. Technique for emptying the bladder - PEP
  21. Technique for coping with urgency and incontinence
  22. After the exercise - what next?
    - specialist help
    - devices and appliances
    - surgery
  23. Contact information
  24. About the authors

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