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From Prolapse to Pelvic Power Double CD: by Feldenkrais Practitioners*

CD guiding you through Feldenkrais movements to help improve your connection to your pelvic floor and improve strength and control.

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Barbara Bell and Judy Pippen combine their skills as physiotherapist and movement educator, along with their Feldenkrais training, in this 80 minute, 4 lesson program.
The From Prolapse to Pelvic Power programme has been valued throughout Australia for over 30 years for its unique contribution to self-directed pelvic floor exercising.

These CDs are still widely recommended by physiotherapists and other practitioners as ideal for women who are learning to identify and engage their pelvic floor muscles. The CDs have been specifically created to help develop efficient function of the pelvic floor, prenatally, postnatally, after menopause, for sports, and to alleviate symptoms of prolapse and incontinence. Ideally they serve as practise sessions for women who have already attended classes led by a Feldenkrais practitioner. They also provide a valuable self-help resource for women who are unable to attend groups, and for practitioners who are interested in leading groups.

The four lessons (each of 20 mins) cover:

             1. Differentiating three holes
             2. Sensing two sides
             3. Diagonal connections
             4. Doming the diaphragms


They emphasise a supported approach that allows women to stay within their personal comfort zone, to seek small sensations rather than pushing themselves too far, and to work with a spirit of experimentation.


2 CD Pack

CD 1 : Lesson 1 and 2

CD 2 : Lesson 3 and 4

Music is from "Mariner" by Tony O'Connor

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