Life-care Plus Gold-plated PR-02A-2+
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Life-care Plus Gold-plated PR-02A-2+


Brand: Everyway Code: PR-02A-2P




Life-care Plus Gold-plated Vaginal Probe with biofeedback stick

  • Ideal for those with a nickel allergy as they are nickel-free
  • Rounded end
  • Tapered for improved fit and stays in place during treatment .
  • Lightweight, hollow construction
  • Biofeedback indicator stick gives visual feedback of correct action of pelvic floor contraction
  • Single person use only


The Life-care gold-plated vaginal electrode is a comfortable, internal vaginal electrode with side -positioned gold-plated contact plates, designed to make contact with the levator ani (deep layer of pelvic floor muscles) on the right and left sides when inserted in the vagina.

Life-care gold-plated  vaginal electrode is suitable for use with  the Pericalm , Pelvitone Continence  and TENS electrical stimulation devices.
It can also be used with the Peritone and Simplex EMG biofeedback devices.




Vaginal Insertion and Use:

  • Usually easiest lying on your back with knees bent comfortably but can be inserted and used in side lying
  • For best contact with the muscles to be stimulated, the electrode plates should be facing your hips (ie left and right) not your tailbone and pubic bone unless advised by your treating health professional.
  • Use a small amount of water-based lubricant to assist insertion and contact such as YESSylk or Optilube

  • Only insert the body of the electrode, the flange at the end where the leads exit the electrode  MUST remain outside the vagina.

  • During a contraction of the pelvic floor muscles when the stimulation machine is active if you have the biofeedback stick attached, it will move downwards
  • The sensation should be a strong buzzing type sensation, but not painful. It may take you a few sessions to get used to the feeling before you can turn it up to elicit a contraction.
  • Even without a contraction being elicited initially, the sensory input of the stimuation will help to reconnect your pelvic floor with the sensory and motor cortexes in the brain.
  • You can also use the electrode as a biofeedback tool when not attached to a stimulation machine- just insert as above and practise pelvic floor contractions - the indicator stick should move downwards if doing correct action.

Care of your electrode:

  • Please handle your electrode with care, the wires in the leads are delicate.
  • Insert and remove via the flange, NOT the leads
  • DO NOT wrap the leads around the electrode when storing
  • Clean your electrode before and after each use with warm soapy water. Let it dry and return it to its plastic bag and store in a safe dry place.


The Life-care vaginal electrode is designed for single person use and should not be autoclaved. It is manufactured from medical grade materials but not in guaranteed sterile conditions and we therefore recommend cleaning before initial use.

Do not use if pregnant, during your period, or if you have a vaginal infection.
Before using electrical stimulation for the pelvic floor check here for further contraindications.




  • Cable length: 25cm, to be used with our standard leadwire which makes all together about 1m 40 cm from the probe to the device.
  • Terminations: standard "pigtail" 2mm diameter pins.
  • Dimensions: length 76 mm, diameter 28 mm.
  • Weight: 23.1 g
  • CE Marked


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