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The Core and the Floor DVD


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Your complete post-pregnancy education and exercise programme DVD,

The Core and The Floor is a unique post-pregnancy exercise program designed and endorsed by health professionals. It includes gentle guided pelvic floor and abdominal exercises that can be started as soon as a woman feels able after childbirth, plus a guided structured core muscle exercise program that can be undertaken after the postnatal checkup.

Lisa Yates (continence & women's health physiotherapist) and Fiona Ross (midwife and fitness trainer) present education and exercise components that draw on up-to-date knowledge about the pelvic floor and core muscles, and that assist women to improve their health and fitness levels. The program is designed to increase core muscle strength, improve urinary control and enhance sexual response.

With an education component that includes added information on exercise and nutrition, The Core and the Floor is the essential DVD for women who have had a baby and want to regain pelvic floor and core muscle strength. It is equally useful to women wanting to improve in these areas at other stages of their lives.

The easy-to-follow, evidence-based education and exercise program is led by Lisa and Fiona, and demonstrated by new mothers. Exercises specifically target the muscle groups essential for post-natal fitness, using safe and effective techniques.

The Core and the Floor :

  • outlines which exercises are safe following vaginal or caesarean delivery, and which exercises can be harmful and must be avoided.
  • demonstrates the exercises at beginner, intermediate & advanced levels, ensuring that all viewers can work at the most appropriate level to quickly achieve their fitness goals.
  •  uses a gym-ball, and combines elements of pilates, yoga, and tai chi, creating a fun way to get fit.
  •  allows women to exercise in their own homes, in their own time (grabbing those precious moments while baby is sleeping), yet also allows them to receive expert     guidance throughout
  •  includes sections on general exercise tips, a healthy post-pregnancy diet, posture and back care and the role and function of the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles.


Please note that the gentle guided pelvic floor exercises on this DVD may also be suitable for women who are currently pregnant but we advise that pregnant women should always check with their health professionals before undertaking any exercise routines.

The Core and the Floor exercise program uses a gymball (otherwise known as exercise ball, fitball, swiss ball etc) .

It is important that you choose a quality ball with anti-biurst feature , especially when pregnant.


Education section
1. The pelvic floor (17 mins)
2. The abdominal muscles (10 mins)
3. Post & back care (15 mins)
4. Healthy post-pregnancy diet (9 mins)

Exercise section
1. Warm up (5 mins)
2. Basic core exercises (10 mins)
3. Overall body toning (30 mins)
4. Stretching and relaxation (7 mins)
5. General exercise tips (2 mins)

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