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Why Should Men Do Pelvic Floor Exercises?

Posted on the 9th July 2013

Pelvic Floor Exercises -Why should men do pelvic floor exercises?

Posted on April 8, 2012 by pfe

Male pelvic floor

Pelvic Floor Exercises -Why should men do pelvic floor exercises ?
Strong pelvic floor muscles are important for men too. Women have been encouraged to exercise their pelvic floor muscles for decades, but now we understand that it is just as vital for men, and especially for men with specific health issues. Research has found that :

  • a strong pelvic floor overcomes erectile dysfunction (Uni of Bristol study, 2004)
  • a regular program of pelvic floor exercises achieves the same success rate as Viagra (Uni of Bristol study, 2004)
  • pelvic floor exercises are a safer and cheaper option than drugs; Viagra is associated with damage to the eyes and vision in a significant number of men using it, but exercises are safe for everyone (May 2005). Medications are much more costly than an exercise program.
  • pelvic floor exercises can “increase awareness of sexual sensations and enhance enjoyment” (Impotence Association, UK)
  • pelvic floor exercises can bring a dramatic improvement for men who experience dribbling after urinating (Uni of Bristol study, 2005)
  • pelvic floor exercises are strongly recommended for men following a prostatectomy.
  • Research has shown that pelvic floor exercises and strengthening can improve sexual function and overcome urinary incontinence. Some research shows that self-directed exercise, using verbal and written instructions, can work just as well as intensive physio (Moore and others, 2008), while the latest findings demonstrate that a mere 12 sessions of electrical stimulation and biofeedback, each of 35 mins duration and starting 7 days after catheter removal resulted in almost all men regaining continence at 6 months (Mariotti and others, 2009). Read more.

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