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Vaginal Balls and Weights for Pelvic Floor Exercises

Posted on the 9th July 2013

Smartballs Vaginal Balls Weights for Pelvic Floor Exercises

Posted on February 16, 2012 by pfeVaginal balls for pelvic exercises

Vaginal balls weights for pelvic floor exercises

Smartballs vaginal balls are weights for pelvic floor exercises.
Research shows that vaginal balls or vaginal weights for exercises can be an effective means of building pelvic floor strength. Click here for Research backing up the use of vaginal balls and vaginal weights for enhancing pelvic floor strengthening programs .

Whilst vaginal balls , vaginal cones and vaginal weights are marketed as removing the need for you to do your pelvic floor exercises, they actually work more effectively when you  perform your pelvic floor exercises with them in situ. They provide feedback for you to feel your pelvic floor muscles working but in a discreet manner. Their size ( 36mm diameter) and shape increase your awareness of
your pelvic floor and these vaginal weights are designed to be easily retained within your vagina.
They are larger in diameter than Aquaflex vaginal cones and can be easier for
some women to use.

The Smartballs vaginal ball range are made from highest quality body safe silicone. There are many cheap versions of balls on the market but if you are inserting something into your vagina you  want to make sure it is quality such as the Smartballs vaginal weights range of products we sell on our site.

Smartballs come in three sizes:
Smartballs Original - the original version of Smartball vaginal weights
Smartballs Teneo Uno - a single vaginal weight , suitable for beginners or
those with a prolapse as it is easier to insert with mild- moderate prolapse.
Smartballs Teneo Duo – a double vaginal weight for more advanced and
progressive strengthening of the pelvic muscles.

Consider Smartballs or our value for money combo pack of Smartballs Teneo Uno and Teneo Duo for best prices .

Exclusive to Pelvic Floor Exercise are Pelviweights add-on weights for your vaginal balls to assist with progression of your pelvic floor strengthening program . For use with Smartballs AMI and Luna Beads.


add-on weights for vaginal ballspelviweights progressive vaginal weights for pelvic floor strengthening


AMI pelvic exercise weightsAMI pelvic weightsLuna Beads vaginal weights

Luna Beads vaginal balls


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