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Pelvic Organ Prolapse Support: Femmeze for bowel prolapse or Rectocele

Posted on the 9th July 2013

Pelvic Organ Prolapse Support : Femmeze for Bowel Prolapse Or Rectocele

Posted on February 19, 2012 by pfeFemmeze for prolapse support

Femmeze for prolapse support


Femmeze has been designed to assist with the distressing condition of a prolapsing bowel known as a rectocele. Any of the pelvic organs can prolapse or bulge against the walls of the vagina. When the back wall ( towards your tailbone) stretches and weakens, your bowel can bulge down which you may feel as a lump or fullness in the vagina.  Your bowel can still function quite happily with a rectocele but may need some help with emptying more easily. When doing a bowel motion you probably find yourself either supporting the perineum (between the vagina and the anus ) with your hand , or inserting a finger into the vagina and pushing against the back wall to support your rectocele and assist the bowel motion to come out.

Femmeze has been designed as  a more hygenic and comfortable way to support your bulging bowel or rectocele when doing a bowel motion.
Femmeze is shaped a bit like a small shoe horn with a paddle like end which is gently inserted into the vagina and held against the back wall to support the rectocele or prolapse during your bowel motion. It allows the bowel to empty more easily and completely, reducing strain and pressure on the already weakened tissues of the vaginal wall that led to the prolapse.When you have a rectocele or prolapsed bowel , you will often feel as if you never really empty the bowel fully and can be left feeling heavy and uncomfortable.You may even feel as if you are not quite clean, using excessive amounts of loo paper to clean yourself – this is a direct result of the rectum not fully emptying due to the pouching effect of the rectocele . Your Femmeze will help eliminate these distressing side effects of having a prolapsed bowel.
Femmeze is made of medical grade plastic , is small and comes in a pretty purse that will fit in your bag.
Femmeze can be used with a small amount of lubricant, washed after use and stored in it’s discreet purse.
Do NOT to use Femmeze if your prolapse or rectocele is visible outside the vagina. Do NOT share your Femmeze with anyone else and cease use of Femmeze if you experience any bleeding and DO NOT insert Femmeze into the anus – it is for vaginal use only.

Using  Femmeze to support your prolapse when on the loo should be considered as only part of your management strategy for your rectocele. Good bowel habits are also essential as is your posture on the loo and the way you push to empty. In a previous post I discussed toilet posture which might be good to review here.
Also an excellent resource for bowel management , function and pelvic  floor health is the book Good Bowel Habits by Gastroenterologist Dr Robyn Nagel and Physiotherapist Shirley Owen.

Good Bowel habit for bowel and pelvic floor function

Good Bowel habit for bowel and pelvic floor function

Here’s to a healthy bowel !

This information is provided as general interest. It does not replace the advice of your health practitioner and should not be taken as specific advice. Please see your health practitioner for any conditions or queries you may have about your own specific health needs

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