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Pelvic Floor : Why we give upon it

Posted on the 11th July 2013

Pelvic floor : why we give up on it

Posted on October 11, 2011 by Fiona Rogers

all too hard ?
read somewhere that you have to do 100′s a day?
I don’t have the time

……news for you …it’s working RIGHT NOW as you sit reading this ,and you can make it work better by sitting upright , on your sit bones with slight curve maintained in your lumbar spine.

unlike other muscle groups in the body your pelvic floor is the hardest working , it is the president of the P&C , the one who runs around organising and supporting everything .

Here are a few ways it works for you

* strong quick holds to help support organs / stop leakage under pressure ..lift/cough/yell at the kids ( we all do it at some stage)
* gentle almost undetectable holds whilst standing in queue,sitting at your desk
* longer strong holds to help support those pelvic organs whilst carrying the shopping in or the load of files around the office or helping to “hold on” when you are busting and all the loos are full

we give up because

we think it is too hard (use it or lose it)
we are still symptomatic after a few days of doing pelvic floor exercises (newsflash – it takes time like any exercise program)
it didn’t get to 100% (we are not after perfection here)
we forget to do our exercises, or remember when we fall exhausted into bed at night and then wonder why they don’t work (because you can’t effectively strengthen fatigued muscle tissue – would you go to the gym as you flop into bed?)

Maybe you need some help . The latest pelvic floor exerciser to hit our store is the AMI- a beautifully presented set of 3 pelvic floor exercise weights with the added benefit of not only progressive weights but also shapes. There is an AMI to suit everyone …progress from the easiest to the most challenging or find the one that suits you best.



boxed set of pelvic floor exercise weights


progressive pelvic floor weights

pelvic floor weights


AMI might be the help you are looking for ….use your weights for a few minutes a day to help tone your pelvic floor and reap the benefits

* no more leaks
* a more fulfilling sex life
*better pelvic organ support

AMI can also be progressed

further with the addition of our

exclusive add-on PelviWeights

Vaginal weights can be an excellent adjunct to your exercise program. For those who need reminding or feel they need some feedback or resistance to work against AMI or any of our other weights and feedback devices may be just what you are looking for.

Don’t give up on YOUR pelvic floor


If you are require further information please see your nearest women’s health physio

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