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Pelvic Floor - Men Have One Too!

Posted in Men's Health on the 11th July 2013

It never ceases to amaze me when my male patients look a bit surprised when they hear they have a pelvic floor too …most men seem to think that the pelvic floor and pelvic exercises come under the “secret women’s business” banner .

We are excited to now have this excellent DVD for men available

Created by renowned Australian physiotherapist Pauline Chiarelli for the Prostate Cancer Foundation Australia (PCFA) 50c from every sale will be donated to the PCFA to help them continue the wonderful work they do here in Australia.

I use this resource myself in my clinic as an adjunct to teaching men how to find and activate their pelvic floor and it is always well received.

It is delivered with Pauline’s well known sense of humour and frankness. It is quite graphic in parts so we have marked it with a warning for those under 18 or those sensitive to graphic footage as there is footage of ‘boys bits’ doing what they should when correctly activated. It is done with great sensitivity .

It is useful to not only those recovering from prostate cancer surgery , but any surgery or condition affecting the males . For symptoms such as urinary or faecal incontinence or urgency and erectile dysfunction

There has been much discussion buzzing around the internet and twitter about the results from a recent study by Glazener et al which concluded that one to one physical therapy (continence physio or nurse) for men who are incontinent after prostate surgery is unlikely to be effective or cost – effective. I would caution here that we need to see all the facts because those working in the field know from anecdotal evidence that it IS beneficial and several experts in the field within the physiotherapy profession have raised questions about the efficacy of the training protocol and therefore the conclusion of the research. Unfortunately once the media get hold of a headline, it can go ‘viral’ and very few people then actually bother to read and analyse the original article .

I believe there will be a letter to the editor in The Lancet where the research was first published so keep an eye out for that so we can all make informed decisions.

If you believe all you read , you could conclude that doing pelvic floor exercises post prostatectomy is of no value , the way the results have been portrayed . However , the conclusion was that this particular protocol used in the study was not effective….one has to see what was done, how and why in order to say that.


So in the meantime , I encourage men to continue their pelvic floor exercise regimes as I have seen them work time and again in real life with many cured or vastly improved male pelvic floors out there.

So until next time, keep those pelvic floors active

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